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Lost Battles

Lost Battles: Forty Battles & Campaigns of the Ancient World

Please post to the notification and discussion thread when you add new reports to this page which not have been posted as a Session Report on BGG!

Icons (actually microbadges) are added if the reports shows:

  • mb images of the deluxe boardgame
  • mb images of miniatures or alternative pieces
  • mb Vassal screenshots or similar graphics

Included Battle Scenarios

Crimisus (341 BC)

Sellasia (222 BC)


Pydna (168 BC)

Bonus Battle: Kadesh (1274 BC)

Historical Battle Scenarios Provided by Others

Ephesus (498 BC)

Cyprian Salamis (498 BC)

Amphipolis (422 BC)

Ticinus (218 BC)

Ruspina (46 BC)

Fictitious Battle Scenarios Provided by Others

Successors (323-281 BC): Eumenes vs. Antigonus

Cayster (317 BC)

Southern Italy (circa 271 BC)

Alexander (331BC) vs. Hannibal (216 BC)

Included Campaign Scenarios

Macedonian & Punic Wars (350-150 BC)

Imperial Foundations (350-250 BC)

Rome: Trial & Triumph (250-150 BC)

Individual Campaigns (490-48 BC)

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