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How do I buy an item?

In order to buy items in the BoardGameGeek Marketplace just do the following:

  • Create an account on BoardGameGeek, and verify your email address.
  • Browse to the game you wish to purchase. You can click on [Browse Games] or see if there's a game for sale directly on the game's database entry page.
  • Click on the 'Buy!' icon - this will add the game to your shopping cart.
  • When you are done purchasing games click on 'Checkout' on the top menu bar.
  • Make sure your shipping address is correct, and verify your order is correct on the checkout pages.
  • Submit the order! That's all there is to it. The seller has 3 business days to confirm the order. You will receive an email updating you on the status of the order.
  • If all goes well, you will receive and email with the order total, shipping costs, and payment instructions.
  • Make the payment to the seller - the seller should promptly ship you the game.
  • After the sale is complete and you receive the game, you should leave feedback about the transaction. This helps to build good (or bad) reputations in the community of buyers and sellers. In the GeekMarket Dashboard, go to Account and then Pending Feedback.

What do the Condition ratings mean?

New - A brand new unused, unopened, and undamaged game in perfect condition. The original packaging and all materials are in brand new condition.

Like New - Game just removed from shrink wrap. No wear and tear, all facets of the game are intact.

Very Good - Very minimal wear and tear. All game materials are present. You would give this item to a friend as a gift.

Good - Minor damage to the box and/or its contents. All game materials are present. Game maybe played once or twice.

Acceptable - Some damage to the box, but the game is still intact. Possible split corner(s) on the box. Maybe missing a non-crucial game piece. Possibly missing rules/instructions, but are available on the web. Scuffing on the game board.

Unacceptable - Major damage to box and its parts. Possibly missing several important pieces. Broken or missing board/box. No rules/instructions, and they are not readily available. Do not sell this game on Board Game Geek.

It is extremely important that sellers accurately describe the items that they list for sale. This policy is a guideline for rating the condition of games. Users not abiding this policy will have their accounts removed from the system.

How do I protect myself from fraud?

  • Check the Seller's Feedback
    • Be cautious of sellers with little or no feedback, and take negative comments very seriously.
  • Compare Listings
    • Search for similar items to see if your item's price is fair-trade. Be suspicious of hard to find items offered at a very low price.
  • Pay using PayPal and correctly label the payment as for Goods and Services
  • Don't Sacrifice Caution for an Impulse Buy
    • Always shop with a level head. Take the time to research the item and get to know your seller before agreeing to buy. Don't buy if there isn't enough time to check for warning signs.
  • Use Extra Caution with High-Demand Items
    • Particularly around the holidays, certain high-demand items are associated with higher purchasing risks.
  • Be Wary of Items with Delayed Shipment
    • Pay attention to the advised delivery date. Delivery dates further than 20 days after your payment involve more risk.
  • If It Sounds Too Good to Be True...
    • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ask yourself if the information in the item description sounds believable.
  • Warning Signs
    • Seller Has Large Quantity of Hard to Find Items If a seller claims to suddenly have a large quantity on an item that's impossible to find, question the validity of the claim.
    • Seller Buys Low Dollar Items and Lists High Ticket Items
    • Read feedback comments carefully. If the seller has only made purchases (rather than sales), his feedback is not necessarily an indication of his selling reputation.
    • Seller Has Little, No, or Negative Feedback
      • While a low feedback rating may simply indicate that the seller is new, transactions with low feedback sellers tend to involve more risk. Following these tips will help you have a safer shopping experience.

Admin Contact

If you have more questions about buying games on the BoardGameGeek Marketplace please send Octavian a message. If you experience a problem please review the dispute resolution process.

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