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How do I become a seller?

In order to sell items in the BoardGameGeek Marketplace just do the following:

How do I sell a game?

  • Search for the game using the QuickSearch function on the sidebar menu.
  • Look for the BoardGameGeek Marketplace section on the game listing and click on "Sell Yours Now!"
  • Fill out the "Sell Game" form - put in your price, condition, shipping details, and payment details. Please DO NOT include any links that lead to sites other than BGG or personal contact info in the game description.
  • Click on Submit. That's all there is to it. Your game is now listed in the Geek Market.

What do I need to do after I receive an email telling me someone bought a game?

  • If you are able to sell the items, you need to confirm the order. Go the the Market under the Bazaar tab ( or go directly to ) - then click Sales on the side bar and then Latest to see a list of your sales. Click the transaction ID# for the sale and then click the Confirm button on the transaction page.
  • If you can't sell the items you must cancel the order. Follow the steps above to get to the transaction page and then click the Cancel button.
  • After you click to initially confirm the order, you will then be given the option of entering the shipping charges and payment instructions. Make sure you do this so that the buyer will know what to do next.

I confirmed the order - what next?

  • You need to give payment instructions directly to the buyer (such as a payment link to PayPal, bank transfer info, etc).
  • After you receive payment, ship the purchased items to the buyer. Make sure that you have the correct shipping address from the buyer.
  • After you've shipped the item you can leave positive or negative feedback about the transaction.

How do I leave feedback about a user?

  • Go to the Market and click Feedback on the sidebar. Then click Pending Feedback.
  • Enter your feedback about a particular transaction and press submit. You don't need to fill out all the feedback for everyone, just the ones where your transaction has been completed. You can click Never leave feedback to remove it from the list. Once you have clicked either the Submit or Never button, the feedback cannot be changed or removed.

How do I pay BoardGameGeek the 3% commission fee on completed sales?

  • Go to the Market and click Commissions in the sidebar
  • You can review the sales you have made by clicking Commission History
  • When you are ready to pay your current total owed click Pay Commissions to pay by PayPal

What is an item signature?

The item signature is an article of text that is placed at the end of the comment section in all your items that you are selling. This is useful for having shipping details, payment instructions uniform across your entire inventory.

  • Go to the Market and click Inventory in the sidebar. Then select Item Signature.
  • After you are finished with your changes click on Submit and all your items will be automatically updated with the new signature.

How do I cancel an order after it has been confirmed?

  • Go to the page for the transaction to be canceled and click the "Cancel" button.
  • When you cancel an order you will be given the option to immediately relist the item.
  • Canceled sales cannot be restored. The sale process needs to be started over with the buyer purchasing the new listing.

How do I modify/delete my marketplace listing?

  • Go to the Market and click Inventory in the sidebar. Then select Manage.
  • Click on "Edit" for the item you wish to modify, or Click on "Delete" for the item you wish to delete.

How much does this cost me?

Sellers can list items on BoardGameGeek indefinitely at no cost. When you sell an item, BoardGameGeek charges a 3% commission on the sale price of the game. The 3% is only calculated on the base price of the game and does not include the shipping cost. Invoices for commission fees are sent out on the 1st day of every month.

Admin Contact

If you have more questions about selling games on the BoardGameGeek Marketplace please send Octavian a message. If you experience a problem please review the dispute resolution process.

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