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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and clarifications for Mechs vs. Minions

The official FAQ is located at This document is an unofficial extension of that document.

An updated version of the rule books and mission guides is available at the official website (link) for download and contain many of these fixes already. Later shipments of the game may also include revised rule books additional corrections/clarifications.

List of game FAQs


Much of this information is from the Unofficial FAQ created by Pelvidar (Rodney "Watch It Played" Smith) and used with his permission (Source)

A big thanks to the Riot team (Riot Kades, RiotFpMcgee, catzpaw, MrPiddlesworth and others?) for being so active on the forums and answering so many questions we have!


Q) How can you tell which schematics came from which mission if you want to reset the game?
A) All schematics have a number within a lock symbol. The number is the mission it was in.

Q) Once I’ve beat the campaign, when playing through again do you reset everything?
A) No, you keep it all unlocked.

Q) Can I scrap a card I’ve drafted, and ignore the scrap effect?
A) Yes.

Q) In the tutorial scenario, you learn that when you have less than 4 players, you’ll draft until a total of 4 cards have been taken, meaning some players may get more upgrades than others. Later, when you learn about the double draft that starts future games, it says to take cards only until each player has 2. Does this change if you have less than 4 players? ie. Do you draft until 8 cards have been collected?
A) No, the initial Double Draft should always just be two cards, regardless of players.

Q) If the timer runs out, players who are owed cards are dealt them randomly. Can they choose to scrap those cards for their scrap effects, or must they slot those cards?
A) The timer just forces a random selection. Technically, the ability to scrap should happen as people are placing their newly received command cards onto the command line. If you get a random card, you can choose what you'd like to do with it - either scrap it or place it.

Q) If you are using the Skewer ability and you kill a minion, placing it on the card, does that mean you do not add a minion to the “Minions Kills” track, or do you also add a minion from the supply to the Kill track?
A) Yes, you place a minion on your Skewer card, and then another minion on the Kill Tracker.

Q) Can you give a detailed breakdown on how to resolve damage?
A) For each player, in turn order:

  1. Count the number of adjacent minions.
  2. Decide to trigger fuel tank... if you do, you take no damage, otherwise, continue:
  3. Reduce damage by 1 for each minion on a skewer command (then discard those minions)
  4. Draw the remaining number of cards
  5. Execute each damage card in the order they were drawn.

Q) When a rule calls for you to swap two undamaged slots, is an empty slot a legal target?
A) One (or both) slots can be empty.

Q) Does the Bomb take damage if it is pushed into the lava wall or a Spikey Wall?
A) Yes.

Q) How many cards are there supposed to be? The box says there are 191 cards but I only have 110 cards.
A) Upon opening the game, you should have access to:

  • 72 Command Cards
  • 38 Damage Cards

Further cards will 'unlock' when you open the following missions:

  • Mission 1: 4x Schematic Cards (1 per Yordle)
  • Mission 2: 4x Schematics, 1x Damage Card
  • Mission 3: 4x Schematics, 2x Damage Cards, 24x Boss Command Cards
  • Mission 4: 4x Schematics, 1x Damage Card
  • Mission 5: 4x Schematics, 2x Damage Cards
  • Mission 6: 4x Schematics
  • Mission 7: 4x Schematics
  • Mission 8: 4x Schematics, 2x Damage Cards
  • Mission 9: 4x Schematics, 1x Damage Cards
  • Mission 10: 4x Schematics, 2x Damage Cards
  • Hard Mode: 6x Damage Cards

The first mission incorrectly says that you should have unlocked a damage card. Also, a schematic in Mission 6, 'Tech Support', has two different costs in the October shipment; the accurate cost is '7'.

Once the game is fully unlocked, this leads to a grand total of:

  • 72x Command Cards
  • 24x Boss Command Cards
  • 55x Damage Cards
  • 40x Schematics


Q) Does a crystal shard block ripsaw?
A) No, it does not. Mechs and bombs do, however. (Source)

Q) How far does ripsaw go? 4 squares? Indefinitely?
A) Ripsaw continues in a straight line until it hits a mech (including the boss), bomb, massive boulders, the maximum number of targets allowed by the level of ripsaw, or the edge of the map. Since the boss blocks ripsaws from passing through, a level 3 ripsaw would do one damage to the boss (if the blue rune shield is down) but then block the rest of the ripsaw attack.

Q) Can a crystal fall on top of another crystal? If so, how do you handle the situation when you move onto it.
A) Yes, a crystal can fall on top of another. They will stack on the same spot. Since a mech can only carry one crystal at a time, if a mech moves over the two stacked crystals, it will only pick up one of the crystals (Source)

Q) If the bomb has only one point of health left and is pushed onto a repair pad with a minion, what happens?
A) It repairs first and then takes damage. (Source)

Q) How does a massive boulder effect attacks?
A) A massive boulder will block a ripsaw attack (Source = rule book, massive boulder section). A massive boulder will not block other mech attacks. Flamespitter, aimbot, and cyclotron will all pass through a massive boulder. (Source)

Q) If I do a level three Blaze but hit an obstacle, what happens to the attack?
A) The attack on the Blaze action happens when the final movement is made. If you If you run into the edge of the map, a massive boulder, another mech/bomb that is not movable, or some other object that prevents your movement, but doesn't the command card before attempting to move the final movement point, then the attack still triggers. If you hit something that causes you to end your movement before spending the last movement point, like a lava pool, then the attack does not occur as you did not complete that command card. (Source)


Q) The rules for oil sliding in the "Field Guide & Textbook" state that sliding continues until the mech/minion/bomb collides with a wall, obstacle, or the edge of the board. The mission 1 instructions state that the mech/minion/bomb "keeps moving in the same direction until it collides with a wall or obstacle..., steps off the Oil Slick, or reaches the edge of the Game Board." Which is correct?
A) The mission 1 instructions are correct and movement stops when the mech/minion/bomb slide off the oil slick. (Source)

Q) Do minions push other minions when they move?
A) Minions don't push one another.

Q) When moving on oil, to I calculate my full movement first and then handle any slides, or do I calculate the slide as I move?
A) You calculate the slide as you move. So if you hit an oil slick in the middle of your movement, you would add the oil slide during the current movement space and then continue with the remaining movement points.

Example of a level 3 omnistomp through oil.

User: wilsonpenn

User: wilsonpenn

(Source: Mission 4 example of minion movement)

Q) Does advancing lava stop minion movement?
A) Yes. They treat it like a wall.

Q) Typically, when a mech enters a space with another mech, they push them. However, in the rules for oil slicks, it says that when moving on an oil slick, it stops if it collides with another mech.
A) The Oil Slick rules are incorrect in this case. The mech would push another mech during the course of its slide, as per the usual rules for pushing. (Source)
Example doing a level 1 omnistop into the oil slick:

User: wilsonpenn

User: wilsonpenn

Example doing a level 1 omnistop into the oil slick, but running into unmovable object (mechs against map edge):
User: wilsonpenn

User: wilsonpenn

Q) Do minions (or rather, us as players moving them) take into account what oil will do to them? In other words, if moving a minion left would cause it to slide farther away from the target, should we instead choose for them to go straight? Or are they meant to be a little more mindless in that way – and the players just follow their basic movement instructions?
A) Minions are mindless, they don't pay any attention to what they are stepping on. Oil may indeed take them farther away from their target.

Q) Can you provide clarification for how minions move, when targeting a specific space?
A) Move the Minions closest to the target first and move in a path that will eventually lead them to the target. They prefer moving into empty adjacent spaces (even sideways or away from the target) to get around Massive Boulder obstacles, rather than bumping into a wall or getting caught in a corner. When in doubt, check any compass movement preference.

Q) How does towing work if you have a single command slot providing your mech 3 movement?
A) You must resolve your whole command line, so if you have 3 points of movement, you can tow the bomb 1 space, but then you must still move 1 space (which is not enough to tow the bomb), so you effectively run away from it.

Example towing the bomb with a level 3 omnistomp:

User: wilsonpenn

User: wilsonpenn

Q) If a mech pushes a bomb onto oil, but the mech itself doesn’t enter the oil – does the bomb slide on its own to the next grass space?
A) If the bomb enters an oils space, it keeps on going. If the mech doesn't follow, that's fine.

Example of a level 1 omnistomp pushing a bomb onto an oil slick:

User: wilsonpenn

User: wilsonpenn

Q) What happens to the bomb if you tow it while going over oil?
A) The tow will drag a bomb along with you over oil. Though, when you would normally stop, the bomb stays behind you, which can mean that it would stop while resting on oil.

Example of a level 2 omnistomp towing a bomb onto an oil slick:

User: wilsonpenn

User: wilsonpenn


Q) Does Heimerdinger's autowrench also heal mechs that are being pushed by the bomb (which are being pushed by a mech)?
A) No. A mech is only healed when it is towed or pushed by a mech directly. (Source)

Q) Does Heimerdinger's autowrench also heal the bomb?
A) No. (Source)

Q) Can Tristana rocket jump over massive boulder's?
A) Yes. (Source)

Q) Can Tristana rocket jump diagonally?
A) Yes. (Source)

Q) Does Tristana's Explosive Charge (Mission 3) continue to do extra damage once the team gear reaches overdrive?
A) No. Once the team gear reaches the overdrive level, you no longer track minion kills and no longer receive teh extra kill from Tristana's Explosive Charge. (Source)

Q) Ziggs Burninators (Mission 5). Do the new targets this unlocks for Blaze attacks have to be in the next adjacent spaces (beyond the initial attack range), or can they be on any space, no matter how far, in a line drawn from the originating space?
A) Burninators extend the flame from Blaze one additional space. So there are 4 total affected
spaces, rather than 2. It does not gain infinite range.

Q) Heimerdinger's Tech support (Mission 6) has its cost as 5 gears to unlock on the back, but 7 gears on the front. Which should it be?
A) 7 Gears.

Q) Heimerdinger's new card “I Could Do That Better” (Mission 9) says each round you select ‘a card’ in your command line. Should it say select ‘an active card’? Or can you really pick any card in your command line?
A) You can only choose an active (ie. on top) card


Q) Does the boss push mechs when it moves onto their square?
A) Yes. (Source)

Q) Does the big boss stomp on minions or just push them? If it’s a push, what happens when he pushes a minion into a mech?
A) The boss stomps and kills the minion he walks over (adding to your kill count!)

Q) Could I get a confirmation of the Green Effect on the Boss Command line? After rolling the die, if you are not already facing the direction indicated, you must turn in that direction. Or you can stay in your current facing, as long as you take 1 damage. That the idea?
A) Yes, you got it perfect.

Q) Does the Boss slide on oil?
A) No.

Q) Is there a rule for how to move the boss if he has two directions be could follow to move “towards” a target?
A) In the event of two equally close targets, the boss’s movement is determined by the players. Players may make advantageous plays where he kills minions, moves into attack range, etc so long as it follows the rule of becoming closer to the target.

Q) Does the bosses blue effect target mechs even through objects that would normally block Line of Sight (like a boulder wall)?
A) Yes

Q) If I move into the boss, do I push him?
A) No. The boss can not be pushed.

Q) Can I tow the boss?
A) No. The boss can not be towed.

Q) Can you do multiple damage points to a boss with one schematic.
A) It depends on the situation. You select one color for all of the damage inflicted by the schematic. The first point of damage will enable the rune shield again, blocking future damage. If a schematic allows you to move while doing damage, like "Special Delivery", then if you happen to move over a rune spot of the same color you could deactivate the rune shield and do a second damage. (Source)

Q) When playing with less than 4 players, and the Boss executes either the 'Get Over Here', or the yellow 'jump' move, do you allocate colours of the rune die to players so that ALL colours are allocated? Or just one colour each, so that the result can be that the boss doesn't pull or jump to anyone?
A) Just one each, and re-roll if the non-player color is rolled. (Source)

Q) When the boss moves, can it push player mechs? If so, do they take damage.
A) Yes, the boss mech will push player mechs. No, they will not take damage. (Source)

Q) If the boss is standing in the middle of a 4x4 map (on the corner of all 4 tiles), if he does an effect that damages all mechs on the same time as him, does this mean all mechs on these 4 tiles are damaged?
A) Yes, the boss damages all mechs on all tiles he is on (this would be all 4) (Source)

Q) When the boss plays "Get Over Here", do you stomp the minions along the way? What about other objects that might be in between (the bomb, lava pools, etc.)?
A) Ignore all objects (minions, obstacles, other mechs, etc.) when moving a player mech adjacent to the boss.(Source)


Mission 1

Q) The first envelope mission mentions that we’ll get new damage cards. I did not find any.
Where are they?
A) This is a typo. Damage cards aren’t included until the second mission. (Source)

Q) Do I have to stop the bomb exactly on the repair pad or is it okay if it just passes over the repair pad?
A) At the moment the bomb passes over the repair pad, the mission is successful even if the bomb would continue moving if the actions had continued to be played out. (Source)

Mission 2

Q) During the Escalation of this scenario, it says minions move twice. However, can they still only move once, when on the center tile?
A) Yes, minions will only ever move once on the center tile, even after the round escalates.

Mission 5

Q) When minions move in this mission, they prefer to move left to right, before they’ll move up and down (you’ll have to imagine that we have the escape edge at the top, and the lava is at the bottom). Yes?
A) That is how it appears in the dossier, however, we accidentally rotated the compass 90 degrees. The blue-green axis should be along the length of the map, so the minions should first move down the columns toward the bomb, then collapse inward once they are in the same row. This will be edited for reprints.

Q) In the mission book, the wording around LIQUID HOT MAGMA is a little confusing because it says that if the lava hits the opposite wall, then you lose – but that could never happen, because you’d lose as soon as it hit the row with the final repair space, right?
A) Correct, the magma will never hit the back wall.

Q) Do you finish the round that you get the bomb onto the final repair pad (ie. spawn minions, move lava, etc), or does the game end immediately once the bomb is on that space?
A) The mission ends as soon as the victory conditions are met.

Q) When the lava tile hits a repair space, does it get its extra movement “that” turn. For example, its current speed is one. It moves one space and hits a repair space. Does its new speed activate right away, allowing it to move the extra space now – or does it only take advantage of that starting with its next full activation?
A) The speed of the lava tile is set at the start of the Danger Phase. The speed up takes effect next turn, so the players have a chance to react to the new situation.

Mission 8

Q) Do all of the gates truly start disabled, or only the ones the players start on? The setup explains them as all being unlocked because “You’re already standing on the rune spaces”, but that’s not true, if you have less than 4 players.
A) This is misstated, the only unlocked runes are the ones players are standing on, so with less than 4 players, some runes will be locked.

Q) Are bombs affected by Rune Gates?
A) Yes. Bombs can not pass through an active rune gate. They do not, however, reactivate an inactive rune gate when passing through them. (Source)

Q) There is no listed way to repair the bomb in this scenario, is that a mistake?
A) You are able to repair the bomb by rolling it over the repair pad, up to its max health (as called out in Mission 5).

Q) For Beam Misfire, does it still respect rules for Line of Sight or can it shoot through blocked passages, like the rocks and walls.
A) The beam ignores things that would block line of sight.

Mission 9

Q) How do you use the new player cards unlocked this round? Once unlocked do you have to slot them right away? Is it optional?
A) You can choose to slot them at any time you could use a schematic. You choose to program them the same way you would a command card.

Q) For this scenario, at what point in the phase do you win the game?
A) As soon as all 4 mechs are in the safety zone simultaneously you clear the mission.

Q) Are the rune gates active? The scenario doesn't mention them.
A) Yes. Furthermore, if a mech starts on a rune, gates of that color are deactivated at the beginning (same as Mission 8).

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