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Mystery Rummy series

The Mystery Rummy series consists of variants of the traditional card game Rummy designed by Mike Fitzgerald. All of the games in the series share themes based upon infamous or mysterious characters, events or stories.

The games

1998 Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper Case #1 for 2-4 players; figure out who Jack is before he escapes
1999 Mystery Rummy: Murders in the Rue Morgue Case #2 for 2-4 players; adds the "Feed the Orangutan" mechanic
2001 Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Hyde Case #3 for 2 players; suits are designated J, H, or J/H for Jekyll, Hyde, or both respectively
2003 Mystery Rummy: Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld Case #4 for 2-4 players; new rules make it possible to try for complete meld set bonuses
2014 Mystery Rummy: Escape from Alcatraz Case #5 for 2-4 players; co-designed with Andrew Korson, players try to prevent the inmates from escaping from Alcatraz, new rules and gavel deck is now separate deck

Related games

While not officially branded as being part of the U.S. Games Systems Inc Mystery Rummy Series, these games are closely related due to the fact that they fit the theme and Rummy based rules of the others and were also designed by Mike Fitzgerald (with Richard Borg in the case of Wyatt Earp). Because they were published by another publisher, they aren't officially considered part of the Mystery Rummy series by US Games Systems.

2001 Wyatt Earp 2-4 players; capture outlaws (by making melds) for cash rewards
2003 History's Mysteries Card Game 2-6 players; decide if unsolved mysteries are fact or fiction, decided by most melds
2009 Bonnie and Clyde 2-4 players; adds a location track with bonuses to melding at the current location. Although originally planned as Mystery Rummy Case #5 (and the rules incorrectly state as much), this game was never part of the U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Mystery Rummy Series.

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