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This page contains answers to questions frequently asked in the Nemesis forums. It is not intended to be a substitute for the official Nemesis rules (here) or official FAQ (here), but to supplement them. Where possible this FAQ cites official clarifications from the designers or publisher. FAQs for other games can be found at List of game FAQs

1 Base game

1.1 Player Phase

1.1.1 Player Actions

Q: Can you use an 'Interruption' card after you have passed?
A: Yes (source: BGG thread: Can you Interrupt after you have Passed?)

1.2 Event Phase

1.2.1 Intruder Bag Development

Q: If I draw a Queen during bag development and there is a character in the nest, what happens? The rules imply the Queen would enter the nest, then there would be an encounter and a second intruder would enter the nest (possibly triggering a surprise attack).
A: Put the Queen in the nest and her token in the supply (not back in the bag). Resolve an encounter as normal but using the Queen (rather than drawing another token for the encounter). (sources: GeekMail with Adam KwapiƄski, BGG thread: Queen encounter - clarification)

2 Aftermath

3 Voidseeders

4 Carnomorphs

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