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Operations Magazine is published by Multi-Man Publishing. It includes articles and scenarios for MMP games.

It was originally a publication from The Gamers.

Also see the Operations Special Magazine, the Operations Magazine Visual Index and Special Ops.


Issue #1 Summer 1991

  • Learning the Hard Way, History, Capt. R.S. Faulkner
  • Barren Victory: Designer's Preview, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Forest for the Trees, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Bloody Lane: Scenario for ITQF, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Omaha: Designer's Preview, TCS, Dave Powell
  • TCS Line Entry Command System, TCS, Dean Essig
  • TCS Multi-Fire/Roll Cumulative Chart, TCS, Rod Miller
  • The AT Roll: What is it?, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Play Tips for Civil War Brigade (CWB) Series, Rod Miller
  • Outbrief, Magazine, Dean Essig

Issue #2 Fall 1991

  • Blitzkrieg: The Myth of the Blitz, History, Capt. T.T. Smith
  • A Last Word?, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Illustrious Status Rule: Fact or Fiction?, CWB, Dean Essig
  • The Use of Breastworks, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Extended Movement, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Technique of the Tank Platoon, History, unknown
  • Bloody 110 Umpired Game-The Rules, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Storming Ashore: ...Omaha Playtest, TCS, Dave Powell
  • Operational Combat Series: A First Peek, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Origins '91 Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Enough Room for All, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Background Colors and Contour Lines, Design, Dean Essig
  • To Close Combat or Not?, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Outbrief: A Company Philosophy, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #3 Winter 1991

  • 101st Airborn Division Air Assault: A Line in the Sand, History, 1Lt. C.M. Lippard
  • The Limitations of Series Designs, Design, Dean Essig
  • Barren Victory Slopes, CWB, Gerry Palmer
  • One-Book Willy Goes to War, CWB, John Kisner
  • Defensive Orders, CWB, Dave Powell
  • The Cornfield: Scenario for ITQF, CWB, Dean Essig
  • CWB Command System vs. Solitaire Play, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Writing your Orders:What do they Mean?, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Overwatch Triggers-3rd Ed Change, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Towards a 3rd Edition TCS, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Some TCS Ideas, TCS, Mark Stricker
  • The Terrain Effects Chart, TCS, Dean Essig
  • A New TCS Point Fire Table, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Bloody 110th Umpired Play, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Force Eagles War: A New Unit, TCS/M, James Meldrum
  • The Mother of All Rules Changes, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Where Does Your Gaming Dollar Go?, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Figuring the Line of Sight, CWB & TCS, Dave Demko
  • A TCS Proposal-Ost-Front, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: The Fine Art of Losing Wargames, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #4 Spring 1992

  • 101st Airborn Division Air Assault The Hail Mary, History, 1lt C.M. Lippard
  • 1+1=3, Design, Dean Essig
  • Limited Foretell, Design, Dean Essig
  • Bloody Roads South: Designer's Preview, CWB, James Epperson
  • Barren Victory Solitaire: Conclusion, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Artillery in the CWB System, CWB, Dave Powell
  • TCS Suggested Tables: What do YOU think?, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Bloody 110: German Notes, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg: Playtest 3 and Beyond, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Stalingrad Pocket: A Preview, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Army Status and Panic Options, CWB, John Kisner
  • Out Brief: Game vs. Simulation, Design, Dean Essig

Issue #5 Summer 1992

  • Back into the Woods... Letters Lewis Pond, Rick Blankenship & Dave Powell
  • Civil War Infantry Tactics, History, Dave Powell
  • Maneuver Warfare and the Wargamer, Part 1, Theory, Dean Essig
  • Un-Command, Design, Dean Essig
  • Fighting Your War and Winning It Too, Design, Dave Demko
  • Bloody 110 Update, TCS, Dean Essig
  • A Desperate Fight, Part I, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Soviet Set-up Notes for Guderian's Blitzkrieg, OCS, Owen Fuller
  • A Wargame Widow, Humor, Annette McKenzie
  • Out Brief: History, the Wargame, and the Wargamer, Hobby Dean, Essig

Issue #6 Fall 1992

  • The Panzer-Lehr Before the Invasion, History Stephen Barratt
  • Guest Editorial: The Game's the "Thang," Hobby, John Leggat
  • Fighting with Old Friends, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Procrastinator's Special, CWB, Dean Essig
  • A Desperate Fight, Part 2 CWB, Dave Powell
  • Arriving Alive, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Maneuver Warfare and the Wargamer, Part 2, Theory, Dean Essig
  • All Alone on the Road to Perfection, Design, Dave Powell
  • Bloody 110: American Notes, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • For You, the War is Over, SCS, Dave Powell
  • SP: Victory at any Cost?, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Different Roads to Stalingrad, SCS, James Meldrum
  • Cracking the Code, SCS, Dean Essig
  • It's Always Something, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: The Graphics Revolution, Design, Dean Essig

Issue #7 Winter 1992

  • Assaulting with Success, Part 1, History, Dave Powell
  • Maneuver Warfare and the Wargamer, Part 3, Theory, Dean Essig
  • In the Twilight Zone, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Proposed 3rd Edition TCS Changes, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Kall Trail, TCS, Hans van Deventer
  • Tank Recovery in WWII, TCS, Hans van Deventer
  • Dynamiting Bridges: an OCS Variant, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Putting Some BLITZ in your KRIEG, OCS, Dean Essig
  • A Playtester's Lament Part 2, OCS, Owen Fuller
  • Putting on the Hun, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Making a Game Map, Design, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: Cranking up the Band, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #8 Spring 1993

  • Internal Business Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • External Business Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Saving ORIGINS from the Infidels, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • The "Game Company" Game, Part One, Hobby, Dave Powell
  • Lonely Games, solitaire, Dave Demko
  • Maneuver Warfare and The Wargamer, Part 4, Theory, Dean Essig
  • Chrome a la Mode, CWB, Gerry Palmer
  • Sand, Surf, and Survival, TCS, Dave Demko
  • The Birth of Guderian's Blitzkrieg, OCS, Owen Fuller
  • A Couple More for the OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Comments on Stalingrad Pocket CRT, SCS, John Gilmer Jr.
  • Messing Up with the Big Boys, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Afrika: A Status Report on SCS Issue #2, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: The Great Game Glut of '92, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #9 Summer 1993

  • The "Game Company" Game, Part Two, Hobby, Dave Powell
  • Solitairing the CWB Series, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Burnside's Bridge: A Scenario for ITQF, CWB, Robert Bottos
  • Assaulting with Success, Part 2, CWB/History, Dave Powell
  • Game Resolution, Design, Dean Essig
  • Revised Pocket-The Sequel, SCS, Jean Jodoin
  • Fighting with Russians, OCS, Dean Essig
  • More OCS Rules, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Tips & Tricks in GB, OCS, Keith Fortner & Ray Werts
  • Out Brief: Competition vs. COMPETITION, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #10 Fall 1993

  • Origins Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • European Wargaming, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • G-2 Game Assistance Program, GAP, Steve Newhouse
  • Focused Design, Design, Dave Powell
  • Civil War Leaders, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Effective Use of Firepower in the CWB, CWB, Brandon Einhorn
  • CWB vs. NBS, NBS, Dean Essig
  • Desert Orientation, SCS, Rod Schmisseur
  • Desert Panzers, SCS, Arnold Blumberg
  • The Italian Gambit, SCS, Don & Dave Demko
  • More Afrika Scenarios, SCS, Hank Meyer
  • Playtester's Lament: Part 3, OCS, Owen Fuller
  • Learning to See, LOS, Joe Sylvester
  • Out Brief: Just where DOES the FUN come From???, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #11 Winter 1993

  • Refereed CWB Play, CWB, Larry Tagg
  • Incremental Fire Combat, CWB, Thomas Prowell
  • The Army Commander and the Player, CWB, Dean Essig
  • A Brief Look at the TCS 3rd Edition, TCS, Mike Haggett
  • Enemy at the Gates Preview, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Dimensions of the OCS, SCS, Dave Powell
  • Desert Storm 1940, O'Connor Strikes, SCS, Mauro De Vita
  • Thoughts on British Strategy in Afrika, SCS, Mike Haggett
  • Options and Variants for Afrika, SCS, Hans von Stockhausen
  • The Soviet Armies in Stalingrad Pocket, SCS, Mike Lynn & Tim Armstrong
  • Out Brief: When the Goddess of Fortune Spits upon You, Design, Dean Essig

Issue #12 Spring 1994

  • The Year in Review, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • ORIGINS Awards, Hobby, Mark Matthews-Simmons
  • Seizing the Initiative, CWB, Ken Jacobson
  • Changes to the OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Extension to GB-The Soviet Onslaught, OCS, Boyd Schorzman
  • Surviving Guderian's Schwerpunkt, OCS, Nolan Hudgens
  • O'Connor's Offensive, History, Arnold Blumberg
  • Out Brief: Making the Transition, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #13 Summer 1994

  • Profile: Murfreesboro, CWB, Mike Haggett
  • New Scenarios for Bloody Roads South, CWB, James Epperson
  • CWB Random Events, CWB, Thomas Prowell
  • The New OCS-Unlearning Bad Habits, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Different Roads to Moscow, OCS, James Meldrum
  • Revised GD '40 Air Table, TCS, Mike Haggett
  • Omaha 3rd Edition Retrofit, TCS, Mike Haggett
  • Playtips for the Ardennes, SCS, Mike Haggett
  • An Analysis for the Defense of Stalingrad, SCS, Robert Mussen
  • Putting More Chrome into Stalingrad Pocket, SCS, Pedro Santos
  • Out Brief: Play - TESTING, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #14 Fall 1994

  • Don't Mourn. Organize!, Hobby, Kevin Kiconas
  • Thundering On-Battle Narrative of TATC, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Soviet Counter-Offensive-Dec '41/Jan '42, History, Boyd Schorzman
  • Operational Notes for EatG, OCS, Don Nesbitt
  • Ardennes, SCS, Doug Mann
  • Tactical Notes: Fast Panzers, SCS, Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: The "FIXED" Market, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #15 Winter 1994

  • Wargame Widow, Humor, Ana Santos
  • Sound Retreat!, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Roving Commanders, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Back at Headquarters, CWB, Thomas Prowell
  • Historical Look at Casualty Rates, CWB, Larry Tagg
  • Refereeing the CWB-LOS, CWB, Larry Tagg
  • GD '40 and Objective: Schmidt Replays, TCS, Ron Chacon
  • 11th Army to the Rescue!, OCS, Dave Powell
  • A Day with Afrika, SCS, Joe Wilson & Mike Wimple
  • Out Brief: The Boundaries of Simulation, Design, Dean Essig

Issue #16 Spring 1995

  • Internal Business Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • News from the Game Production Front, Design, Owen Fuller
  • Yom Kippur: A Preview, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Bloody Roads South Union Strategy, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Command in La Bataille, NBS, Ed Bryan & Geoff Phipps
  • What's New in TCS 3.1?, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Mastering the OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Battle Groups, OCS, Bob Runnicles & Nigel Roberts
  • OCS House Rules, OCS, Phil Smith
  • Operations Index, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: Seven Years, and Counting, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #17 Summer 1995

  • A Few Reminiscences, Hobby, Dave "Sticky" Combs
  • Point & Counterpoint, Hobby, Dean Essig & Ed Wimble
  • Afrika Revisited, SCS, Bob Phillips & Steve Creamer
  • CWB Headquarters-Another Look, CWB, Chris Janiec
  • The Fog of Battle and Other Factors, CWB, Philip Cutajar
  • HtfS: Additional Notes and Scenario, TCS, Wig Graves
  • Variable Greek Option for HtfS, TCS, Boyd Schorzman
  • A Hunters Replay and Notes, TCS, Ron Chacon
  • Prepared Defenses for the TCS, TCS, Bob Runnicles & Nigel Roberts
  • Tunisia: A Preview, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: State of the Hobby, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #18 Fall 1995

  • Origins 95 Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Reality Check, Design, Don Nelson
  • No Better Place to Die-Play Digest, CWB, Brad Strachan & Jean Tessier
  • Version 2.0i OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Maneuver Warfare in the TCS, Part 1, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Soviet Initial Strategy Options in Black Wednesday, TCS, Dave Powell
  • The Weapons of Yom Kippur, Part 1, SCS/History, Al Sandrick
  • Out Brief: Changes in Retailing, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #19 Winter 1995

  • March Divided, Fight United, Hobby/HomerCon, Dave Demko
  • A System for the People, CWB, Steve Poitinger & Deac Manross
  • New Opponents, New Ideas, OCS, Dean Essig
  • EatG Variant, OCS, Anders Frankson
  • Black Friday, TCS, Ron Chacon
  • Maneuver Warfare and the TCS, Part 2, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Regarding The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajor, TCS/History, Ed Rains
  • The Weapons of Yom Kippur, Part 2, SCS/History, Al Sandrik
  • Yom Kippur Variants, SCS, Dave Powell
  • Out Brief: Keep'in On..., Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #20 Spring 1996

  • Internal Business Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Dave's Debut, Designer, Dan Bartlett
  • Confessions from One of Them, Hobby, Jerry White
  • New CWB Random Events, CWB, Thomas Prowell
  • Defense in the OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Doin' the Armored Two-Step, OCS, John Leggat
  • Tunisia and EatG Variant, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Yom Kippur Scenario, SCS, Al Sandrick
  • Matanikau Play Tips, TCS, David Newport
  • Out Brief: Circling the Battlefield, Hobby, Dave Demko

Issue #21 Summer 1996

  • Omaha Lives!, TCS, Dave Powell
  • Designer Notes for the Revised Omaha, TCS, Dave Powell
  • Can I get More Prep, Please?, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It, CWB, Kevin Kiconas
  • The Plum Run Line, CWB, Larry Bertel Jr.
  • TATC Scenario 12, CWB, Larry Bertel Jr.
  • Breastworks and Thunder at the Crossroads, CWB, Larry Bertel Jr.
  • DAK Order of Battle, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: The Road Less Traveled On, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #22 Fall 1996

  • Report from Origins '96, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Can a Gamers Fan Club Exist?, Hobby, Larry Brien
  • The Chrome-Plated Enfield, CWB, Steven Cabral & Carl Nogueira
  • Napoleon and the Art of War, NBS, Ken Jacobsen
  • Running an OCS Air Campaign, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Options for Cauldron, SCS, Scott Johnson
  • Out Brief: A Report From Down the Path, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #23 Winter 1996

  • Update on Gamers Consortium, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Moments in History Update, Hobby, Ulrich Blennemann
  • HomerCon Scrapbook, Hobby, HomerCon Attendees
  • Antietam Solitaire, CWB, Riccardo Rinaldi
  • TCS Opsheets: Down -n- Dirty, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Island of the Lost Nazis!, TCS, Dave Powell
  • SCS National Tournament at Origins '96, SCS, Mike Lochtefeld
  • Air Warfare in the, OCS, OCS Lee Hamer
  • Non-Divisionals in the OCS, OCS, Joel Tamburo
  • Out Brief: But What if He Never Shows Up? (and other whining), Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #24 Spring 1997

  • 1996 in Review, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Tank Commander: Eastern Front, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Tank Commander Rarities, MiH, staff
  • Gaines Mill Preview, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Stonewall Lives! Gettysburg Replay, CWB, Steve Poitinger & Deac Manross
  • The Two-Turn Lock in EatG, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Leros Play Tips, TCS, David Newport
  • On the Morning Hours at Marengo, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Infantry Movement Allowance Conversion, NBS, Dave Demko
  • The Weapons of Yom Kippur Part Three: Air Forces, SAMs and the Superpowers, SCS, Al Sandrik
  • SCS Tournament Planned for Origins '97, SCS, Mike Lochtefeld
  • Out Brief: If You Ask, They Will Come, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #25 Summer 1997

  • Tank Commander Tournament Rules, MiH Staff
  • Tank Commander FAQ, MiH Staff
  • Designer's Preview: DAK, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Designer's Preview: Crusader, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Front Commander (Soviets in EatG), OCS, Al Smith
  • Stalingrad Pocket II: Historical Setup, SCS, Dean Essig
  • On the Road to Columbus! (Origins '96), Hobby, Dave Powell
  • New CWB Operational-level Rules, CWB, Brandon Einhorn
  • Another View on Casualties, CWB, Mark Merritt
  • Fun at the Beach: How I Spent my Time at Origins, TCS, Ron Chacon
  • TCS Tactical Problem Issue #1: Repulse of SR 12, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Out Brief: DAK, the Hobby, Industry & Business, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #26 Fall 1997

  • MiH Optional rules/Errata, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Not Dead among the Undead: an Origins Report, Hobby, Dan Cicero
  • Boyz in da House: a Second View of Origins, Hobby, Will Volny
  • Preview of Semper Fi!, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Small Scenarios for TCS, TCS, Arnaud Bouis
  • CWB Tactics Quiz, CWB, David Newport
  • No Glory: German Survival Strategies in Hube's Pocket, OCS, Dave Friedrichs
  • Through the Toothpaste Tube, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Quartermaster's Nightmare?, OCS, Dario Benedetti
  • OCS Revisited, OCS, Joel Tamburo
  • Out Brief: Dumb and Dumber, Hobby, Dave Demko

Issue #27 Winter 1997

  • Napoleon at Bay: 6th in the Campaign Series, OSG, Kevin Zucker
  • SCS Tournament - Origins 1997, SCS, Mike Lochtefeld
  • HomerCon: Gamers Retreat Players' Scrapbook, Hobby, various authors
  • Gaines Mill: Analysis of 5 Corps' Tactical Situation, CWB, Jerry Ankeny
  • Repulse of SR 12: Contest Solutions, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Tactical Problem Issue #2: Counterattack on Mt. Euncona, TCS, Lee Forester
  • From the Dustbin of History: the Bordello, OCS, Mauro de Vita
  • A Half Dozen Variants for Enemy at the Gates, OCS, G. Soprovich
  • Out Brief: Simulating Reality or Simulating a Game?, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #28 Spring 1998

  • Eastwall Optional Rules, MiH, Dirk Blennemann
  • Ring of Fire Optional Supply Rules, MiH, Keith Beason
  • Business Report for 1997, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • JEB Stuart at Gettysburg: the South's Best Chance?, CWB, Philip Cutajar
  • Some Thoughts on CWB Command, CWB, David Newport
  • DAK: Historical Axis Shipping, OCS, Jim Daniels
  • DAK: Airborn Raid!, OCS, Mauro de Vita
  • Guderian's Panzers, OCS, Lynn Brower
  • Acceptable Losses: Rebuilding Soviet Corps in EatG, OCS, Al Smith
  • Guns, Butter and Bugs, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Real Marines, Real Weapons, TCS, Dave Demko
  • Marine Boot Camp, TCS, Dave Demko
  • Nothing New Under the Sun, Hobby, Dave Demko

Issue #29 Summer 1998

  • Origins '97 Retrospective, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • This Hallowed Ground Preview, RSS, Dave Powell
  • Adding Realism to Stalingrad Pocket I, SCS, Mark Romanow
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg Pt. 1, OCS, Lynn Brower
  • Sidi Barrani: Planning, Playing and Fun!, OCS, Dean Essig & Dave Powell
  • TCS Tactical Problem Issue #2 Results, TCS, Lee Forester
  • TCS TP Issue #3: Assault of Hill 102, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Moments in History Briefing, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • First Despatches and a Bit of Chrome, OSG, Kevin Zucker et al
  • Out Brief: Realigning the Gears, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #30 Fall 1998

  • Optional Command Rules, RSS, David Powell
  • Savage Station: June 29, 1862 Revisited, CWB, Jerry Ankeny
  • Back to Jena-Auerstadt, OSG, Dave Demko
  • Good Things in Small Packages, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • The Northern Pincer, SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • ACM Introduction, ACM, Dean Essig
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg, part 2, OCS, Lynn Brower
  • "It Burns, Burns, Burns, Like a Ring of Fire...", MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Victory Conditions and Gamey Tactics, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • The Next Hill? Avalon Hill in Transition, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: Reprints and Other ics, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #31 Winter 1998

  • Moments in History Briefing, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Got Dice? HomerCon '98 After-Action Reports, Hobby, various participants
  • HomerCon: Gamers Retreat Players' Scrapbook, Hobby, various participants
  • Tour of Duty, Game, D.A. Friedrichs & Dan Cicero
  • The D'Avanzo Column, History, Mauro de Vita & Steve Rothwell
  • Out Brief: Design for Control, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #32 Spring 1999

  • Moments in History Briefing, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Gazala Preview, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Lodz 1914: First Blitzkrieg, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • The Gamers Business Report for 1998, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Campaign Planning, Theory, Ken Jacobson
  • This Hallowed Ground: First Play, First Day, RSS, Anders Frankson
  • Tactical Problem Issue #3 Solution, TCS, Lee Forester & Joe Linder
  • Tactical Problem Issue #4: 3 Brigade Stands Firm (ARS), TCS, Lee Forester
  • GD '40 Revisited, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • Turning the Tables: Optional Rules, MiH, Dave Popplewell
  • A New Opening for Enemy at the Gates, OCS, A. Leo Paulo
  • How to Avoid Those Bitter Woods, SCS, Leslie King
  • Out Brief: Putting 1998 to Bed..., Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #33 Summer 1999

  • Origins '99 Preview, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Introducing UGG, Hobby, Udo Grebe
  • Operation Felix, UGG, Udo Grebe
  • The Last Days, and Beyond, OSG, Kevin Zucker
  • Cracking a Few Eggs (DAK), OCS, Dean Essig
  • Burma Designer's Preview, OCS, Dave Friedrichs
  • Chosing Your Options for the OCS, OCS, Rod Miller & Dave Demko
  • An OCS Assessment, OCS, Guy Wilde
  • Wanted: Design Theory, Design, Dean Essig
  • History as Optional Rules for the CWB, CWB, Jerry Ankeny
  • Out Brief: What is Winning?, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #34 Fall 1999

  • Jungle Fever: Origins '99, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • THG Continuing Campaign Game, RSS, John Reed
  • Homer Con Europe '99, Hobby, Udo Grebe
  • Glendale: The South's Best Chance to Win the War?, CWB, Mike Stohlmeyer
  • Tactical Problem Issue #4 Solution, TCS, Lee Forester & Larry Brien
  • Tactical Problem Issue #5: Infiltration!, TCS, Lee Forester
  • The Battle for Bir el Gobi - Part One, TCS/History, Mauro de Vita
  • Moments in History News, MiH, Dave Demko & Uli Blennemann
  • OSG Update, OSG, Kevin Zucker
  • Tour of Duty: Developer's Notes and Disclaimer, Game notes, Dan Cicero
  • Out Brief: Working on Age of Rifles, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #35 Winter 1999

  • La Guerre Player Notes, OSG, Chrisher Moeller
  • Across the Danube: The NBS Returns, NBS, Dave Powell
  • The Battle for Bir el Gobi - Part Two, TCS/History, Mauro De Vita
  • This Hallowed Ground: Continuing Campaign Issue #2, RSS, John Reed
  • HomerCon 1999: Victory's Scrapbook, Hobby, many participants
  • Alternate TCS Command Rules, TCS, Peter McCord
  • Yom Kippur, SCS, M.J. Bowen
  • Outbrief: Stable vs. Unstable Game Systems, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #36 Spring 2000

  • Annual Company Summary, 1999, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Wildly Variable Reinforcements, CWB, Mark Milke
  • The Weyrother Option: an Austerlitz Variant, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Random Napoleon: Random Events for the NBS System, NBS, Anders Fager & Jerry Malone
  • TCS/ASL: Fighting TCS Battles with ASL Components, TCS, Don Menig
  • Just Sitting There..., OCS, Dean Essig
  • One Day at a Time with the OCS, OCS, Matt Noah
  • Out Brief: Directions for the Future and a Little Fun..., Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #37 Summer 2000

  • New Scenarios for 1806, OSG, Mike Bowen
  • THG, Continuing Campaign, 3rd Meeting, RSS, John Reed
  • This Terrible Sound, RSS, Dave Demko
  • Concealed Forces: A Variant for NBS/CWB, NBS, Anders Fager, P-O Jönssom
  • The Boys in White: A Guided Tour of the Austrian Army, NBS, Anders Fager
  • OCS Version 3.0, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Sicily Preview, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Burma, OCS, Henry Robinette
  • Up in the Air, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Exploitation in Drive on Paris, SCS, Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: Diversity, Growth, and Plans..., Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #38 Fall 2000

  • UGG News and Cold Days Strategy Notes, UGG, Udo Grebe
  • Homercon Europe 2000, Hobby, Udo Grebe
  • Over there: My Trip to Euro Homercon, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Drive on Paris - Another Scenario and Some Options, SCS, Mike Stohlmeyer
  • Hard Whip!!, CMin, Dean Essig
  • A Dog's Breakfast: Historical Invasion Plans for Sicily, OCS, Dave Demko
  • Stopping the Germans (Ardennes), SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • Out Brief: Flattening the Organization, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #39 Winter 2000

  • HomerCon Roundup, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • In Progress: Guderian's Blitzkrieg II, OCS, Dave Demko and Dean Essig
  • Burma - The Indirect Approach in Practice, OCS, Jean Jodoin
  • DAK: Gazala Campaign Start AAR, OCS, Steve Massey
  • Gazala Variants, SCS, M.J. Bowen
  • A Frozen Hell: First Look, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Ivan, Your Backdoor Man, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Circus Minimus-Comments, Advanced Rules & Errata, CMin Dean Essig, Rod Miller, Chris Volny
  • This Terrible Sound: First Impressions, RSS, Jerry Ankeny
  • Outbrief: Some Items of Business, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #40 Spring 2001

  • A Year in the Life of the Gamers, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Two Hard Weeks in Mississippi, CWB, Dan Cicero & Tom DeFranco
  • Soviet OOB for Guderian's Blitzkrieg II, OCS, Lynn Brower
  • Tenncon After Action Report, Hobby, Henry Robinette
  • Tulip Time: A Preview of Fallschirmjaeger, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Gaming Techniques, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • ConQuest 2000: A Photo Essay, Hobby, Mark Ruggiero
  • Yom Kippur Variants, SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • We Don't Need No Stinkin' Orders, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Out Brief: Feedback Report, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #41 Summer 2001

  • Random Events for This Hallowed Ground, RSS, Dave Powell
  • Ten Years of Operations Back Issues on, Hobby, Russ Lockwood, CEO MagWeb
  • May 1940, the German Assault on The Hague, SCS, Roy Van Veen
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg II: Come and Get It, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Setup and Strategy in Hube's Pocket, Part 1, OCS, Tony Zbaraschuk
  • A Frozen Hell: Tactical Challenges, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • More gaming Techniques, Hobby, Ric Van Dyke & Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: Cons & Stuff, Hobby, Dean Essig

Issue #42 Winter 2002

  • Operational Studies Group News, OSG, Kevin Zucker
  • UGG News UGG, Udo Grebbe
  • 201-Year Jubilee Update (Marengo), NBS, Anders Fager, Jerry Malone, and Niek van Diepen
  • Espinosa: A Downloadable Free Game Experiment, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Chicken Marengo 2000, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Solution to Tactical Problem Issue #5: Infiltration! (A Raging Storm), Lee Forester, Mike Kroona, Larry Brien
  • The Shiloh Project: A Preview of the Latest RSS Title, RSS, Dave Powell
  • Operation Michael Designer's Preview: Ludendorff's Last Chance in the West, SCS, John Best
  • Setup and Strategy in Hube's Pocket, Part 2, OCS, Tony Zbaraschuk
  • Out Brief: A View from the Mound, MMP, Curt Schilling

Issue #43 Summer 2002

  • Austrian Columns in Aspern-Essling, NBS, Mike Bowen
  • HomerCon 2002 (announcement), Hobby, Dean Essig
  • O'Reilly's Horde and Other Napoleonic Units, NBS, Anders Fager
  • They Stink . . . Yikes, They Hurt!, SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • How I Learned OCS, OCS, Ric Van Dyke
  • OCS Sicily as a History Lesson, OCS, Roger D. Hyman
  • Allied Invasion Plans for Sicily, OCS, Roger D. Hyman
  • Homer's Heroes: The Gamers Retreat 2001, Hobby, Dave Demko, Chip Pharr (photos)
  • Battle of Belgium--A Drive on Paris Scenario, SCS, Steve Newhouse
  • Légion des Volontaires Français, OCS/History, Ernesto Sassot
  • Circus Minimus WBC 2001 Report, CMin, Joel Tamburo
  • Out Brief: MMP Changes Sales Plans, MMP

Issue #44 Spring 2003

  • Rest and Recovery Optional Rules, TCS, Anders Fager
  • On Conquering Fortress Holland in Fallschirmjaeger, SCS, Henry Robinette
  • Notes on Fallschirmjaeger Scenario 5.1, SCS, Ric Van Dyke
  • Postcards from HomerCon 2002, Hobby, various authors
  • Operation Michael Variants, SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • Variable German Entry in DAK, OCS, Mathew Hinkle
  • This Kind of War: Player's Notes for Korea, OCS, John Kisner
  • Designer's Preview of Monty's Gamble: Market Garden, B:N/Area, Michael Rinella

Issue #45 Spring 2004

  • Civil War, Regimental Series Proposed v3.0 Rules, RSS, Bob Cloyd
  • OCS by the Numbers, OCS, Ric Van Dyke
  • Screaming Eagles in Holland - German Perspective, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • La Phalange Africaine, OCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • HomerCon 2003 Photo Gallery, Hobby/HomerCon, Chip Pharr
  • Strategy in Monty's Gamble: Market Garden, New Series, Michael Rinella
  • Chinese Intervention Options for Korea, OCS, John Kisner
  • Playing the Odds in OCS Combat, OCS, Dave Demko
  • He Was Not All Mad: Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich Romanov (1779-1831), History/NBS, Anders Fager & Jerry Malone
  • ASL Winter Offensive 2004 Report, ASL, Perry Cocke
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg II - Operation Typhoon, OCS, Andrew Fischer
  • ASL Starter Kit Issue #1, ASL, MMP Staff

Issue #46 Fall 2004

  • A New Scenario for DAK, OCS, Mike Stohlmeyer
  • Beach Party - Selecting Invasion Sites for Sicily, OCS, Jean Jodin
  • Forget Tunsia Modification - EATG, OCS, Morris Hadley
  • Up Front and the AFV Bailed Out Crew, Tom Cundiff
  • Holding on to Vierville, ASLSKIssue #1, Brian Youse
  • Scenario ASLSK S7,  Prelude to Festung Brest
  • Operation Michael - Scenario 7.2 Playtest, SCS, Jim Thomas and Jim Laffenburger
  • The Smashers - More German Aircraft, B-17, Bruce Peckman
  • Shifting Sands Preview, SS, Michael Rinella
  • Catalog, MMP Staff

Issue #47 Spring 2005

  • How to Land in Holland, SCS, Ric Van Dyke
  • An additional unit for Sicily, OCS, Mauro De Vita
  • Strategy in Drive on Paris, SCS, Leslie King
  • GB II - Rules for transfer of units, OCS, Phil Smith
  • If I'm rolling, I'm losing, ASLSKIssue #1, Ken Dunn
  • Scenario ASLSK S8,  Ad Hoc At Chef-Du-Pont
  • Putting Order in Battle, research for Screaming Eagles, TCS, Carl Fung
  • OCS Initiative Modifications, OCS,  Jim Brady
  • Monty's Solo:Operation Comet, MG;MG, Stefan Anton Federsel
  • Interdiction in the  v3.1, OCS,  Mike Waters
  • Artillery and OCS, OCS,  Guy Wilde
  • Catalog, MMP Staff

Issue #48 Winter 2005

  • Strategy and Tactics for The Mighty Endeavor - Allied Strategy, SCS,  Steve Newhouse
  • Kirby Smith Goes to Murfreesboro - Proposed variant for No Better Place to Die, CWB, Rob Bottos
  • Strike Them a Blow - Expanded Designer Notes, CWB,  Bob Munns
  • Case Blue - Playtest After Action Report, OCS,  Thomas Buettner
  • Homercon 2004 Photo Gallery,  Chip Pharr
  • Scenario ASLSK S17,  A Ridge Too Far
  • Allied Strategy for Monty's Gamble:Market Garden - XXX Corps,A Race to Arnhem, MGM, Tod Whitehurst
  • Fire In The Sky Historical Notes - Part I, IGS,  Terry Stibal and Niko Eskubi
  • Catalog, MMP Staff

Issue #49 Spring 2006

  • Champion Hill Replay, CWB,  Gregory Zachok
  • Thoughts on OCS Artillery, OCS, Jerald Thomas
  • Fire in the Sky Historical Notes, FitS,  Terry Stibai and Niko Eskubi
  • Rate of Fire and Defensive Fire Mechanics, ASLSK,  Jay Richardson
  • Jeb Stuart's Way, GCACW scenario , Kenneth Oates
  • Talavera For Dummies - History behind new NBS game,  NBS, Anders Fager
  • Integrating Defensive Orders , CWB, Richie Crowe
  • Monty's Gamble Market Garden Series Replay- Part I, MGM,  Tod Whitehurst and Paul Nied and Nels Thompson
  • Scenario ASLSK S18,  Baking Bread
  • Intro to ASL from ASLSK Issue #1,  ASLSK,  Jonathan Hipp

Issue #50 Winter 2007

  • The Mighty Endeavor, SCS,  Mark Woloshen
  • The Battle of the Scheldt, TME, Mark Woloshen
  • Civil War Brigade Series Random Events Updated, CWB,  Elias Nordling and Thomas Prowell
  • On the Horizon - Update on OCS,  OCS,  Dean Essig
  • Back, Bad and Plumed, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Monty's Gamble Market Garden Series Replay- Part 2, MGM,  Tod Whitehurst and Paul Nied and Nels Thompson
  • The Devil's Cauldron , TDC, Hans Korting
  • Scenario ASLSK S19,  Purple Heart Lane,  Brian Youse

Issue #51 Summer 2007

  • Afirka II Retrospective, SCS,  Alan Murphy
  • Friend or Foe, OCS, Guy Wilde
  • Big Battles, NBS,  Anders Fager
  • More Realistic Fire Combat, CWR,  Randall Rasmussen
  • Three Battles of Manassas, 2nd Scenario, CWB, Richie Crowe
  • Strolling Down Purple Heart Lane, Brian Youse
  • Scenario ASLSK S20,  Out of Luck,  Brian Youse

Issue #52 Fall 2007

Issue #53 Fall 2008

  • Rock of Marne - Initial Impression, Gamers, Tim Armstrong
  • Learning Wargames- With Afrika Mini-Scenarios, Gamers, Mark Milke
  • My First SCS-a-thon, Gamers, Mark Woloshen
  • Beauregard Moves North, A Variant for Strike Them a Blow, CWB, Rob Bottos
  • Tactical Combat Series - Version 4.0 vs 3.1, Larry Brien
  • Towards the Sound of Guns, ASLSK article on Gorings Men, Ken Dunn
  • EXPO 2008 Play of The Devils Cauldron CG, IGS, Lance Nielsen
  • Sand in the Treads! A look at Gazala, OCS, Jerrold Thomas
  • 99th Infantry Battalion, Ernesto Sassot
  • Guderians Blitzkrieg - Chrome and Variants, OCS, Morris Hadley
  • Scenario ASLSK S32, Gorings Men, Ken Dunn

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