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Panzer Grenadier series

This is a series of games covering World War 2 (and immediate post-war) platoon-level combat. The Panzer Grenadier series launched in the year 2000, with the original edition of Panzer Grenadier: The East Front. It has become the most popular game series produced by Avalanche Press Ltd., with close to a dozen boxed games published or in preparation, several add-on modules, and at least one planned sister series. For records, AARs, stats, articles, and more, visit Panzer Grenadier Headquarters, an exhaustive fansite chronicling the series since June 2010.


All products in the 'Panzer Grenadier' series are designed and published by Avalanche Press Ltd. They maintain a subsection of their site for their 'Panzer Grenadier'-series titles, with a product page for each. Contained on each page are a variety of topics, including:

  • Counter and scenario errata
  • Scenario 'replays' (what would be posted on BGG as a 'session report'), often complete with photographs
  • Designer's notes
  • Optional or experimental rules
  • Rejected ideas
  • Designer's previews
  • Other 'Daily Content' articles that provide additional background to specific scenarios, campaigns, theaters, or technology
  • Rules (English,German,French)

This site is currently located here:
Panzer Grenadier: World War II Tactical Combat

Related Microbadges

There is a set of 'Panzer Grenadier' specific microbadges for the series:
mb Armor
mb Infantry
mb Aircraft
mb Artillery

Panzer Grenadier Core Modules and Standalone Games

Free retail games

These modules are designed to introduce new players to the 'Panzer Grenadier' system

Panzer Grenadier: Free print-and-play
(A variant of 'Eastern Front' officially available here)

Regular 'Boxed' retail games

These represent the 'base games' - these are all standalone and playable with the supplied components, and most are used in one or more expansion modules or scenario books.

Eastern Front Deluxe
Battle of the Bulge
Road to Berlin
Afrika Korps - The Desert War
Desert Rats
Beyond Normandy
Semper Fi! Guadalcanal
Elsenborn Ridge
Cassino '44, Gateway to Rome
1940, The Fall of France
Operation Citadel - Kursk 1943

Book Supplements

These modules 'expand' the above base modules, adding new countersheets of pieces, and sometimes additional maps.

First Axis
Arctic Front Deluxe Edition
Fronte Russo
White Eagles
Sinister Forces
Secret Weapons
Jungle Fighting
Kodoka Trail
Workers & Peasants

Printed Supplements

These modules contain scenarios and have new countersheets of pieces.

South Africa's War
Iron Curtain
Red Warriors
Blue Division

Printed and Downloadable Supplements

These modules can be purchased printed or can be purchased as a PDF. They contain scenarios and have new countersheets of pieces.

Edelweiss Expanded Edition
Iron Wolves
Hopeless, But Not Serious
DAK '44

Downloadable Supplements

These modules can be purchased and download from Avalanche Press. They contain new countersheets of pieces.

Waltzing Matilda
War on the Equator

Scenario Supplements

These modules are only comprised of scenarios. Some are sold only as printed material and some only as downloadable. Some are sold as both downloadable or already printed.

Alaska's War
North Wind
March on Leningrad
Siege of Leningrad
Divisione Corazzata
North of Elsenborn
Romanian Soil
Panzer Lion
West Wall
Army Group South Ukraine
Roer River Battles:
Germany Under Siege
Aachen 1944:
Germany Invaded
Siegfried Line

Campaigns and Commanders

These modules contain scenarios printed like the book supplements and contain additional rules for leaders and campaigning.

Campaigns and
Commanders Vol 1:
War in the East
Campaigns and
Commanders Vol 2:
The King's Officers

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