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FAQ for Patton's Third Army: Spearhead of Victory

Info taken from FAQs in file area and various forum threads (mainly at, consolidated into a Wiki page so that people can more easily find all the info in one place and update it.
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Game Forum at Consimworld

There is currently more discussion about the game at Consimworld:

3.2 German Organization Displays

"OBW Bulletins in Effect" should be "OBW Bulletins Discarded"

4.3 Unit Colors

US combat units: black on green
US support units: black on olive green
...the "green" and "olive green" counters seem to be the same shade of green.

18.2 German Deployment Sequence

The second column of the table ("Turn") should say "Number of German units picked".

9.0 1. Sudden death US Victory

German spaces are the last spaces of the three tracks: 19 (north axis), 20 (center), 21 (south). The border is the dashed brown line. The Victory Point Table on the map incorrectly states "Decisive Victory" for capturing fortresses and entrenchments!

10.0 Paris

10.3 In fact it is impossible to lose Paris after capturing it: a German counterattack will only be against a spearhead force (30.0), and Paris is never a spearhead (35.7).

16.4 Rivers

In support US combat units may cross rivers where one or both sides are not US-controlled.
Out of support US combat units may not cross rivers, unless an engineer is placed on the US controlled (western) side of the river (35.2.2). Since an engineer can only be placed in a place which is in support (35.2.1), this is a possibly confusing redundancy. It would only affect an out of support US unit EAST of the river, who wanted to move WEST across the river.

The map's Terrain Effect Chart is incorrect (it falsely says you must have an engineer to cross a river, but an in support unit does not need an engineer).

19.0 Combat

The rules are confusing (sometimes making it sound like all units of a side shoot, then all units of the other side). But in fact you alternate (first unit from one side, first unit from other side, second unit from one side, second unit from other side, ...) Here is an example which helps:
Suppose four US two-steppers (strengths 5, 4, 3, 2) are attacking two German one-steppers (strengths 3 and 2). US has tactical edge.
US5 fires at GE 3 and gets no hits.
GE3 fires at US5, getting one hit, thus reducing US5.
US4 fires at GE3, getting one hit, thus eliminating GE3.
GE2 fires at US5, rolling double 6 for two hits. The first hit eliminates US5, and the second hit reduces US4.
US3 fires and misses.
Germans cannot return fire as both have already fired this round. So--
US2 fires and hits GE2, eliminating it and ending the battle. If US2 had missed, the battle would have gone to one more round, beginning with reduced US4 firing at GE2.

19.1 7) Second Round of Ground Combat

"If you choose to Continue the Battle, then repeat steps (4), (5) and (6), but each side must add one single die to his dice roll (each time the battle is continued)."

Joseph Miranda explained that after each additional round (second, third), both sides roll one more die (even if a side was eliminated), thus possibly scoring one more hit.

34.9 Carpet bombing

"A result of “1-2” means a friendly fire incident and you lose one or two VP"
That is wrong in the rules. The table on the map is correct (i.e. only lose a VP if you roll 1; no effect if you roll 2).

35.2.2. 3)

"G-4 Logistics phase: a Supply Head can cross a bridged river" using an engineer. This is a potentially confusing redundancy, since a Supply Head can cross a bridged river regardless of whether an engineer is there (25.3).

As an optional rule (suggested at consimworld) to make the game harder, you can require an Engineer be placed for a Supply Head to cross a river.

36.1 German Set-up

Put the units in Paris, Verdun and Nancy face down.

36.3 purchase during setup

36.3 says during setup you can purchase "(this occurs during the G-1 Personnel Phase)", then 36.4 says "Use the Sequence of Play." The intention is that should follow the sequence of play as usual, i.e. first do a SHAEF phase, and then do G-1 purchasing.

Fuhrer Directive and Hold

Fuhrer Directive and Hold don't say what to do with the chit. Discard Fuhrer Directive, but replace Hold back into the cup.

National Socialist Ardor

National Socialist Ardor: For all battles on the following turn, German units ignore Retreat results. Discard (at end of next G-3 Phase).

OBW Optional

The "Optional" OBW chit can be used as follows:

Reinforce the Front: For each German concentration point and fortress space which is not controlled by the US, pick one German unit from the Reinforcement Bin and place it in that space (within stacking limits). If there are insufficient units, then you must do this for the westernmost spaces first. Discard.

Ports Captured

Ports captured (chit) = Channel Ports Captured (table on map)

Rounding fractions

The rules consistently say round up fractions, while the TEC on the map always says round down.
The rules are correct: round up.

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