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Play-by-Forum Waiting List (Wiki)


High Frontier is a popular space exploration & industrialization game of the Solar System by Sierra Madre Games that lends itself well to the Play By Forum (PBF) option. The idea started in summer of 2012 and the first game in June 2012. The need to provide a formal structure for requesting PBF games, give everyone a chance to play and the longer commitment of the PBF format gave rise to this Waiting List. All games are collected under this forum: Play By Forum

If you are interested in playing a game of HF by forum, please post your name below. General requirements are that you own a copy of Sierra Madre Game's High Frontier (and any expansions that are used in the game) and that you can check in at least once or twice a day once your game starts. As far as possible, only card titles and names will be used, absolutely NO card images will be published in the forums. As a player DO not post an image of the entire map, use only sections to help describe rocket moves. Other specific requirements will be outlined at the start of the game and may change from moderator to moderator. Entry into a game is on a first come, first serve basis. And while we will try to accommodate everyone that wants in a game, we reserve the right to end this at anytime.

If you are interested in moderating a game, please note that below. Obviously, anyone can go and start their own moderated games and set it up however they want. For the purposes of creating a BGG PBF community and providing an enjoyable and fair environment for all users we ask that you respect the order of the player list and keep it updated to reflect your invites and acceptances. Moderators can get started at their leisure. Phil Eklund has given permission to use the 2nd Edition Game Map in its entirety to illustrate the various moves and current board situation but if you do so please use watermarks or similar artifacts in your board update. Current moderators have created a spreadsheet and formatting documents to help make post updates and keep track of the game.

How To Add Your Name

  • Click on the "Edit" link at the top of this article.
  • Add the following three lines to the bottom of the list before the "|}" code):
    • |-
    • |-
  • Replace the text in "CAPS" with your specific information. Do not add the " mark (or just follow the example above you).
  • CODES can be found below.
  • At the bottom of the webpage, note the "Edit Summary" description, such as "Added Name" or "On Vacation"
  • If you are currently playing in a game, you cannot get back on the list unless your current game has reached one of the following: At least 1 space venture has been claimed OR one player has two factories built OR only two factories remain to be built (between all players) to end the game. Once that happens, you may get back in line, but please mark "#" and the "game number" behind your name. To be fair to everyone, we ask that you play in only one game at time.
  • When a game gets started, a moderator will invite the first several names until a game fills. Once that game starts, those names that accepted will be removed from the list and everyone else will move up. Names will also be removed from the list for too many declined invitations.
  • There is a record of the edits on this page so we know who may be cheating!
  • NOTE: Since people can update this list simultaneously, it is possible that your name may not appear. Please verify it is on the main page before you leave.
  • NOTE: If you are a new user or not a regular user, please set your GeekMail notifications to forward messages to your regular email address. The list has the potential to clear very fast at random times and you will be bypassed if you do not respond within a timely fashion. Instructions on forwarding GeekMail.

Removing Names

Since anyone can edit this page, we ask that only moderators update the status of 'other' players. This edit should be limited to removing players who started in your game and those who decline the invite. A first decline gets marked with an * but stays on the list in the same position. A second decline gets ** and is moved to the bottom of the list. A third decline gets deleted from the list.

So an added name should show the user added with a history of that user adding the name. Any deletion should show the moderator name with a larger update. If anything looks suspicious, it will be corrected by a moderator.

Notations on the List

Expansion Codes

  • B - Does not want to play with any expansion (Base game only)
  • L - Owns the High Frontier Expansion (Legacy) add-on and is willing to play with it
  • LP - Owns the High Frontier: Poster Map (Legacy) add-on and is willing to play with it
  • C - Owns the High Frontier Colonization add-on and is willing to play with it
  • CP - Owns the High Frontier: Poster Map (Colonization) add-on and is willing to play with it
  • A - Owns all add-ons and is willing to play with any or all of them
  • ! - Exclamation means you are only willing to play THAT type of game and will be bypassed if it isn't that type
    • For example: (C!)(CP) means the game must have "High Frontier Colonization" but also prefers "High Frontier Poster Map"; will play without the latter

Status Codes

  • * - declined/ignored one invitation. If a 2nd invitation is declined/ignored, they will move to the bottom of the list
  • ** - declined/ignored two invitations. If a 3rd invitation is ignored, they will be removed from the list
  • # - Currently playing, will be bypassed if still playing when the next game starts
  • I - Invited to the listed game; (Ax) means notified as x in the order of alternates, should any of the initial invitees decline.
  • M - Means moderating at this moment and not willing to play
  • V: XX/XX - XX/XX - Currently on Vacation / Away from the computer; exempt from collecting asterisks during the time stated

Your name may be on the list only once. If you are currently playing in a game and would like to get back in line, please wait until your current game has reached one of the following:

  • At least 1 space venture has been claimed.
  • One player has 2 factories built.
  • Only 2 factories total need to be built to end the game.

If you begin a PBF game that did not recruit players directly from the waiting list below (via the HF Yahoo! group or through any other means), please move your name to the bottom of the list. This is a suggestion only and will not be a strictly enforced rule, but please consider it out of respect to the other players that are waiting and have not had other opportunities to play.


mwchapel A *
DrakeImmortalis L, C 3rd ed C(all modules)!
Sabreredleg L, LP, C C I:17
Venga2 L, LP L
Klintus Fang L, LP, C, CP C, CP
Woelf A I:17
curufaukor L, LP, C, CP C I:17
robbbbbb A L, LP
bird94us B, CP B V:05/11-05/26
Subzer0 B, C B I:17
roccaturi B, L, C B I:17
nodds B, C, CP B, L
Utrecht B, C B
paralipsis A L, LP
DanteEdmundo L, C C V
artymorty B, L, C B
Kjartan_Kinch B, C B
Tarluk B, C B
TwitchBot B, C, CP C
dasher47051 B, C, CP C
Gigalith B, C, CP C
rshipp L **
wingnut128 B, L, LP, C B, L, LP
TDaver B, L, LP B, L, LP
Menghini B, C B


  • robbbbbb (2,10,13,15,17)
  • sandswoll (4,11,12)
  • colmenarez (3,5,6)
  • Samuelw3 (7,8)
  • DanteEdmundo (16)

Links to All Games

PBF #16: My God! It's Full of ... Asteroids?
Basic Game plus Slingshots, Colonization Map, 5 Players
NASA victory (7 total factories)
PRC(16), UN(17), Shimizu(12), NASA(26), ESA(13)
PBF #15: High pH
Basic Game plus Slingshots, Colonization Map, 5 Players
ESA victory (7 total factories)
PRC(21), UN(22), Shimizu(1), NASA(12), ESA(29)
PBF #13: Back to Basics
Basic Game plus Slingshots, Colonization Map, 5 Players
NASA victory (7 total factories)
PRC(23), UN(13), Shimizu(8), NASA(23), ESA(13)
PBF 12: Industrialization = Exoglobalization
Colonization, All Modules, Colonization Map, 5 Players
NASA(_), PRC(_), Shimizu(_), ESA(_), UN(_)
PBF #11 - "Nowhere to go but Up" - end of game election
Advanced Game, Colonization Map, 5 players
UN Victory with 2 Space Ventures Completed
Shimizu(7), PRC(1), ESA(16), NASA(16), UN(32)
PBF #10 - You Forgot Uranus
Advanced Game, Poster Map, 5 players
ESA (7 total factories)
NASA(15), PRC(0), Shimizu(25), UN(9), ESA(35)
PBF Game #9 - For All Mankind - In which Pad Explosions/Space Debris event rolls litter Earth orbit with frozen tears.
Advanced Game, WT as Cargo, 5 players
PRC (7 total factories)
Shimizu(11), NASA(19), UN(21), PRC(23), ESA(10)
PBF #8- 3 Player- How To Play Primer
Advanced Game, 3 players

PBF #7 - #3 player game of Colonization Phill's cards
Colonization Playtest Game, 4 players
No winners. Turned into a vassal game.
PBF #6: Very Serious Discussion
Colonization Playtest Game, 5 players

PBF #5 Wagon Train to the Stars
Advanced Game, 5 players
NASA (Factions Surrender)
ESA(6), UN(1), Shimizu(10), PRC(0), NASA(21)
PBF#4 Up, Up, and Away
Advanced Game, 5 players
PRC (7 total factories)
NASA(6), PRC(26), ESA(9), UN(22), Shimizu(13)
PBF #3 - Back In The Black
Advanced Game, 5 players, dropped to 3.
ESA (3 Factories)
UN(23), NASA(18), ESA(31)
PBF #2 - Get It Off The Ground
Advanced Game, 5 players
Shimizu (Space Venture)
ESA(22), NASA(0), PRC(1), Shimizu(26), UN(9)
PBF Game #1 - Beyond the Infinite - Shimizu Victory!
Advanced Game, 5 players
Shimizu (3 Factories)
ESA(9), NASA(13), PRC(12), Shimizu(22), UN(6)


These files contain the most recent living rules of the game and card information summaries for the basic and advanced game. A helpful reference for both following and participating in the game without having to keep a physical copy of the game next to you.

Alive & Complete Rules
Basic Game Card Summary
Expanded Game Card Summary
Colonization Card Summary


Thanks to:
robbbbbb, Raid120, sandswoll for starting High Frontier PBF and breaking ground on moderating style, tips and materials.

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