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This is the Very Short Guide to Data Entry for those of you who simply want to add a new item (e.g. a book) to an existing RPG in our database. If you are doing anything more complicated, please refer to the relevant parts of the detailed RPGG Guide to Data Entry. This short guide works great as long as you are mimicking something already in our system. The full Guide gives you all the details you ever wanted to know about how we've organized things - including all the corner cases and special data entry situations.

The Rules

  1. Almost all database entries are started by using the links in the Contribute section of the Community menu at the top of your screen. (Versions of items, weblinks, file entries, and periodical issues and their articles are created from the page of the database entry to which they belong.)
  2. Search the database first. Double-check to make sure you're not submitting a duplicate.
  3. Look at other entries in the database. If you see something similar to what you are trying to add, use that as the model - it's likely to be correct.
  4. Make sure that the people who worked on the book/product are already in the database before you submit your entry (designers, artists and production staff are required fields). Use the Misc->Create->Person form to enter people. You can create new person entries in a separate tab while working on your main submission. You do not need to wait for approval on people before submitting your RPG entry - you can link in the pending people as you wish.
  5. When you enter your item, be sure to fill in all fields as best you can - be diligent here as the time it takes you now will be far less than it will take to clean up later.
  6. Please provide a good description with proper attribution. We prefer one of the following (in this order):
    • Back of the Book:
    • Publisher Blurb:
    • User Summary:
  7. If available, provide some helpful information in the admin comment field. A weblink or a comment like "preface from this translation says that they included a completely new adventure, so this is different enough from the original publication to get its own item entry" can go a long way. Weblinks or other input help us admins resolve some questions without asking the submitters. This info is saved (visible for admins) alongside the database entry, which can prove very helpful should questions arise years later.

What Gets Listed at RPG Geek?

The obvious answer? The game must be a Role-Playing Game. However, we've discovered this isn't all that easy to define. Here are the guidelines that we are using to determine if something is a Role-Playing game:

  1. It must be a game with a defined set of rules.
  2. It allows the player to take on the role of a character.
  3. It allows the player free will to choose what that character does in the game.
  4. The actions chosen by the player directly influence the story which unfolds during the game.

This is vague enough to include most things we think of as RPGs. However, there are some fringe areas with respect to boardgames. Games like Shadow Hunters or Lord of the Rings Boardgame allow players to choose (or be given) a character and there is certainly a measure of free will as they play out those characters. But for LotR Boardgame, the story is fairly rigid and is not really influenced by the player characters. With Shadow Hunters there is only player/character interaction - no real story. Both fail #4 above and are not listed on RPGG (but are listed on BGG). Could it be argued that these are RPGs? Sure... but we want to have some dividing line and those aforementioned games just feel better on the boardgame side.
Aside from RPGs, we also list periodicals and (to a smaller extent) books about role-playing games. Some of this will obviously be judgment calls.

For or a more detailed list of border cases, please see RPGG Guide to Data Entry - General.

If You Need Help

Please feel free to post on the Help and How To Forums. The community here is really amazing and someone will help you.

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