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RPGG Guide to Data Entry - Submitting Files, Weblinks, and Podcasts RSS Feed

Files and weblinks can be added to many types of database entries. Podcasts form their own separate category and are mostly automated (you just submit a link), but you can add database links to individual episodes.


1. Do NOT submit copyrighted material without permission from the rights holder. This includes scans of articles and directly copied rules. Any permission gained from the copyright holder must be placed in the [description] field.

2. Files found on other websites are NOT to be uploaded to BGG unless you have clear permission from the copyright holder of the material (and that permission must be pasted into the [description] field when uploading the file). Examples are "Posted by Designer" or "Posted with permission from GameCompany".

3. Links to files externally are NOT allowed directly. Instead, you must link to the target webpage (aka the "landing page") and not to the file itself.

4. For things like character sheets, errata and free PDFs (quickstart rules, etc) we can only take them if they are marked within the file itself as "free to distribute" or "permission to copy for personal use" or some similar wording. Just because a product is out of print doesn't mean that it out of copyright. Again, if permission is gained from the copyright holder, please put that permission clearly in the [description] field.

5. If the file being uploaded contains work based on the OGL or d20 licenses from Wizards of the Coast, a copy of that license must be included as part of the file (often a single page near the front of the work).

Quick References, Player Aids, Etc.

Use common sense - if it is obvious that you couldn't actually learn or play the game from such quick reference documents and that they are simply aids to someone who owns the game - go ahead and post them. These are some of the most useful files - we want to encourage their use while still providing a sane level of Intellectual Property protection for the original copyright holders. Be sure to follow the file upload rules above.


1. Links to the publishers for an item should be linked at the Publisher entry and not the RPG or RPG Item. This way if the publisher website changes, the link only has to change in one place. When linking to the RPG or RPG Item, the linkage should be to an appropriate level. For example:

[rpg] (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons:
[item] (i.e. Player's Handbook:

see Link Submissions

2. You can link to external reviews on other sites - the description should say clearly this review is offsite (i.e. "Review from RPG.Net").

3. Please do not create links that take you to a site for the purchase of a game. This is unfair to the sponsors who support RPG Geek. That is: Don't link through to the RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, or e23 Warehouse type sites where the user can purchase the game. Note the following exceptions to this policy:
You may link to pages where an item may be purchased.
Linking to the publisher's product page is okay even if it happens to also include a link to buy the product.

4. We cannot accept deep links directly to files (PDF, ZIP, DOC, etc). Be sure the link takes you to a landing page and not directly to a file.

5. Keep links out of the description field - they belong in the links module only.


Podcasts are almost totally automated - requiring only an RSS feed to kick them off and get them into our database system.

To create a new podcast, use the Misc->Create/Podcast menu option. You only need to fill in the RSS feed for the podcast - the system takes care of the rest! You can use the Browse->Podcasts and Browse->Podcast Episodes to see a list of all podcasts and their episodes in the system. The system will check for updates to any podcast feeds in our database at roughly 4 hour intervals.

Once the Podcast is accepted, you can go back and add RPG links, RPG Item links and RPG Genre links to individual episodes as you like (it is not required but does earn a bit of geekgold).

As for whether or not a podcast should be listed here at the RPG Geek - the rule is simple: if at least half of the episodes cover Roleplaying games in some form (games, theory, actual play, etc), they can be listed. For example: Have Games Will Travel is a podcast which splits fairly evenly between boardgames/cardgames and roleplaying games - we would allow this to be listed.

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