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Beta Products, Homebrews, Prototypes, Previews

Beta Products that are released in a tangible form (PDF, Book, Download of some kind) are okay to list.
Homebrews have their own special [rpg] bin called RPG Sandbox. Please make use of it for games you've developed but do not plan to publish or major derivations of existing systems that have been developed (including unofficial releases like "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (3rd Edition)": Players Handbook (2009). It's a bit of a sandbox really.

Prototypes have their own special [rpg] bin called Unpublished Prototypes. Please make use of it for games that are in development (though major games that have a definite scheduled release and are in the final stages are considered under the "Upcoming Releases" below).

As soon as a game become published (self-published is fine) and has enough polish to be considered complete and playable, it should move out of Beta/Homebrews/Prototypes and be given its own [rpg] entry.

Preview PDFs do not get listed at the geek. We consider a Preview PDF to be excerpts from the book (whether it be a page or a couple of chapters). If the PDF is actually the quick-start or "lite" rules (which are actually playable), then it can be included.

Upcoming Releases

If a publisher has a books in the works and it has as set date of release and has a reasonable amount of information available (designers, artists, etc) then it can be listed in our database. Since there is a lot of vapor-ware out there with small offerings, be sure that these entries are from reputable publishers and that it has a high probability of actually reaching a release point. We want people to discuss and get excited about upcoming releases but be sure this product is likely to see the light of day before entering it. At a minimum, it must have the following known: Title, Designer (main designer is enough), description (usually publisher blurb at this point which is fine) and a target release date. If you don't at least have those four bits of information, don't submit it!

for RPG Items please attach the (Upcoming Releases) [series] to the item during submission so that we can search for it later and fill in any missing/incorrect information for the product once it actually hits the streets.

for a RPG please attach the (Upcoming Releases - RPG) [Family] to the RPG during submission so that we can search for it later and fill in any missing/incorrect information for the product once it actually hits the streets.

When submitting Upcoming Release entries, you MUST include a link to the product/blurb in the admin notes.

The description should contain this banner at the top to show that it is an unreleased game:

{| border="1" align="center" width="100%"
| style="background-color:#FF0000; color:#FFFFFF; text-align: center; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; padding: 5px 0;" |
| style="font-style: italic; padding: 5px 0;" |
This game has not been released yet, therefore some of the information above may change in the future. Until this game is released, please '''don't submit images''' for it unless given direct written permission from the publisher which must be noted in the image caption.

A placeholder Image will be linked to Item and RPG entries after approval, example:

Family: (Upcoming Releases - RPG)

No other images should be linked or uploaded to the item until it is released, unless you have explicit permission from the publisher for an image (which must be noted in the image caption) and the image must meet all image guidelines.

You can submit a correction to have this series and place holder image removed once it is released. The description can then also be edited by anyone (it doesn't require a correction) to remove the banner.

There are some grey areas between "unreleased" and "published": A game may be circulating in ashcan print versions sold at conventions by the designer, but not yet be published in its definitive form. A draft or even a final PDF can be available to supporters of a crowdfunding, but the general public may still have to wait for months.
If you think a game/ item listed in the RPGGeek database as "upcoming release" has already been released, please submit a correction for that entry, explaining the details in the comment field at the bottom. Adding a weblink for the admins that shows the item is publicly available is very useful. Thank you for your help!

Kickstarter (Crowd Funding) Projects

Kickstarter projects are welcome to be listed on RPG Geek provided that they have achieved their funding. Prior to funding, they can be discussed in the designer forums (for the person running the Kickstarter) or in the general forums if all else fails. Again, we want to have some reasonable assurance that the product will see the light of day so we require that the project be funded before a proper entry is made in our database. These will be listed as Upcoming Release

If the kickstarter releases 'Draft' or 'Preview' or 'Public Playtest' versions to backers (e.g. as FATE Core or D&D Next did), we will no longer list these products as Items or Versions. Instead, we will treat them as normal Upcoming Release entries. We want people to discuss and get excited about upcoming Crowd Funding products but we want to avoid filling the database with draft and pre-release versions of products. When submitting the entry, you must include a link to Crowd Funding Campaign in the admin notes.

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