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Simulator was a wargame magazine in Japan. Originally it was an in-house fanzine of "First Division", a wargaming club in Tokyo, but it was virtually edited by INVALID OBJECT ID=3134, type=company. In 1985, it was renewed and the editor (and publisher) was changed to Sho-Kikaku.

Online indexes (written in Japanese):
Simulator (old) index 1982-1985
Simulator (new) index 1985-1991

Magazine Issues (new)

  1. Struggle of Japanese missions to Tang China
  2. 73 North
  3. Quest & Adventure
  4. Dark Legion
  5. Monster a Go! Go!
  6. Black Knights
  7. Fu-un-ji Masakado
  8. Scandinavia (WW3 expasion) / Pacific Heat (Hokkaido 1995 expansion)
  9. SS: Third Reich

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