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FAQ for Soviet Dawn: The Russian Civil War, 1918-1921
Various clarifications consolidated into a wiki page so that people can more easily find all the info in one place and update it.

Note that this is a FAQ for the base game Soviet Dawn.

The VPG and C3i editions have physically different components but essentially identical rules. (The C3i rules erroneously say there are 15 Dawn cards, but there are 14.)

The expansion Soviet Dawn: Expansion Kit is compatible with the VPG edition and not the C3i edition. The expansion changes various things and merits its own separate FAQ, to avoid confusion for people using only the base game.

VPG product page:

List of game FAQs

6.3 Petrograd Political Crisis

If, in the same event, the German front retreats from Petrograd and the Finnish front enters it (via Treaty of Brest-Litovsk), then the German retreat happens first, so when the Finns enter, a political point is lost.
Refilling the recruiting area section

7.5 Red Army Reorganization

"In lieu Offensives and Political Actions" does not mean that you forgo all offensives and political actions to try a reorganization. Rather, for each action, you can do 1 of 3 things (offensive, political, or reorganization), as noted in 7.0

7.5.1 Cheka declared before implementing event

If an event has a random roll to determine its advance/retreat effects (e.g. Extreme Weather), making that roll is part of implementing the event. So Cheka must be declared before making that roll.
Extreme Weather & Cheka

7.5.2 Red Army Tank Corps does not help Reserve Offensives

Rule 7.7 "DRMs do not apply" supersedes rule 7.5.2 (all of your offensives).
Red Army Tank Corps & Reserve Offensives

7.5.3 Armored Trains must be declared before rolling

You declare before rolling whether you're appling the +1 DRM for armored trains.

7.5.7 Imperial Gold is removed from game after use

The text on its back "Return after use" is erroneous.
Imperial Gold Reserve marker: where do it goes after been used?

7.5.7 Imperial Gold can be used on a political roll

You could even use imperial gold to advance your political points from 8 to 9 and win.
Imperial Gold Reserve Marker & Political Track

7.7 One-Time Actions ignore + and - DRMs

The rules as written state that "DRMs do not apply when conducting a Reserve Offensive or issuing a Political Decree". So favorable and unfavorable DRMs alike are ignored.
Reserve Offensive - ignore DRM?
Red Army Tank Corps & Reserve Offensives

9.2 Military Conclusion

If the deck runs out, then the game ends (with military victory if Moscow remains unoccupied).

10.0 Baltic Front and Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

If the Baltic Front becomes inactivated, it stays in its current place on the track.
Two Questions: Military Victory and Baltic Front

10.1.3 Unactivated fronts cannot be removed

Many players seem to overlook the last sentence of rule 10.1.3.

10.2 Events

#40 Denikin Unstoppable?

There are repeated southern advances, with you getting one action after each, until you make a successful southern offensive - but you don't have to spend your action in a southern offensive. (If you do something else, then there is simply another southern advance.)

#51 Curzon Line

The printing on the card (in both VPG and C3i editions) erroneously says to see "10.2 #44" instead of "10.2 #51".

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