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The current subscription was officially launched on 8th June 2009 (announcement thread here). It can be used to subscribe to almost anything on Geekdo. Anywhere you see a subscribe link in fact!

Creating a subscription

To subscribe to something, just click the subscribe link! You'll then receive notifications for that item everytime it is added to. Exactly what type of additions trigger a notification will depend on your preferences and any blocks you have set (see below).

Reading subscriptions

When you are logged in, you will see the number of new subscriptions in red at the top left of the page. Clicking the link will take you to the New Items page (alternatively, you can go to My Geek > Subscriptions in the menu).

Next to the number of new subscriptions is the 'Next New Subscribed Item' link: If you are reading a subscription, this link is also at the top and bottom right of the page.

New Items page

The New Items page shows your unread subscriptions, grouped by category (Forums, GeekLists, Images, etc). Within each section, subscriptions are not grouped any further, and are shown in ascending date order - i.e. oldest first. You can switch them to show most recent first, but this setting is temporary. On this page, you can mark individual threads as read.

Note that your notifications of unread subscriptions will be deleted after 30 days if you do not read them. So don't fall too far behind in reading your subscriptions.
Subscriptions only for a month?

New Items by Subscription page

The New Items by Subscription page shows your unread subscriptions grouped by category and sub-category. Sub-categories groups can be expanded and collapsed within the main category, and the entire sub-category marked as read.

Next New Item

Takes you to the next subscribed item.

Managing subscriptions

Manage subscriptions page

Managing blocks page

Preferences for default subscription behavior

You can set many default automatic subscription options via the page E.g. whether you become automatically subscribed to a thread you create, to a thread you respond to, etc.


Q. Can I block sub-forums for a game?
A. Yes - go to the forums module on the game page, then click the browse link to see the list of all forums for that game. From here you can block whichever ones you want.

Q. If I am new, what Items might I want to subscribe to if I was in Australia ?
A. There is a recommendation list at Australian Newbie Subscriptions.

Q. What is a Member Item?
A. A Member Item is a thing that is affiliated with another thing. For example a games linked expansions, designers linked games or families linked items. So if you subscribe to the Settlers of Catan, for example, and have switched on member item you will also receive notifications for activity in its linked items (all 6 pages of them…).

If you're subscribed to a game and have Member Items: Yes, you'll also be subscribed to any expansions, even ones you didn't know about.

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