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The APBA Journal was the voice of the APBA sports game hobby during its publication run from 1967 to 2002. Although it was published with the permission of the APBA Game Company, editorial control was independent of the game publisher. Popular articles and features included league reports, strategy discussions, game variants, player card analysis, replay reports, product reviews, and rumors of future releases.

The Journal was founded in 1967 by Len and Ron Gaydos, and eventually ran for 362 issues and comprised 8686 pages. The first several issues were printed in mimeograph on 8.5" x 11" sheets. Beginning with Issue 1-5 (Apr 68), the format changed to booklet form, consisting of 8.5" x 11" sheets folded in half. The Journal assumed its final full-sized magazine form in Issue 4-4 (Feb 1971).

The following is a list of Journal editors and their tenures:

Len Gaydos: Aug 67 - Aug 73 (40 issues)
Ben Weiser: Oct 73 - Nov/Dec 76 (37 issues)
Tom Heiderscheit: Jan 77 - Dec 84 (107 issues)
Howard Ahlskog: Jan 85 - Jan 93 (83 issues)
Eric Naftaly: Feb 93 - Jul 02 (95 issues)


Vol. 1

Vol. 1, No. 1, August 1967

  • 6 pages
  • Letter from the Editor, uncredited (Mission Statement for the APBA Journal, and NSABC League a 1967 replay league)
  • "Glendora National League," uncredited (NL replay league, Jeff Aronoff president)
  • "NSABC Highlights, Decade One 1967," uncredited (1967 replay)
  • Recommendation for using Slide Rule, uncredited (game aids)

Vol. 1, No. 2, October 1967

  • 6 pages
  • "1966 All-Star Game Replay," uncredited (played by staff of APBA Journal)
  • Letter from the Editor, Leonard Gaydos
  • "Glendora National League," uncredited (1967 NL replay and league rules)
  • "Western Maryland National League," uncredited (1965 NL replay of Rick Diaz)
  • "APBA Stadium," uncredited (describes scale model baseball stadium)

Vol. 1, No. 3, December 1967

  • 6 pages
  • "Shades of '51," uncredited (1965 NL draft league replay)
  • "The Northeast APBA League," uncredited (play by mail league constitution)
  • "Dice and Probabilities," uncredited (dice rolling experiment)

Vol. 1, No. 4, February 1968

  • 8 pages
  • Note: this issue was published in two editions, with the 2nd edition so marked
  • "APBA '68," uncredited (a look ahead to 1968 card set)
  • "A New Way to Keep Score," uncredited (innovative scorekeeping system used by NSABC)
  • "Double Crown for the Old Time League," Ron Wasserman (Great Teams of the Past replay)
  • "Schedules," uncredited (schedules for use in non-standard league sizes)

Vol. 1, No. 5, April 1968

  • 20 pages
  • Letter from the Editor, Leonard Gaydos
  • "Super All Star World Series," uncredited (Great Teams of the Past replay of Robert Neely)
  • "Lucky 13," uncredited (game replay by Steve Janes)
  • "How Perfect Can You Get?," uncredited (game replay of Robert Harrison)
  • "Orioles Show Power," uncredited (1966 Orioles game replay of Don Howell)
  • "Note from a Real APBA Fan," uncredited (Great Teams of the Past replay of Jim Stanek)
  • "Pirates," uncredited (1966 Pirates replay of P.R. Simonelli)
  • "SAL League," uncredited (1967 league report of George Vallely)
  • "American League--Studham Style," uncredited (White Sox replay and game variant of the Studham brothers)
  • "Braves Beat Twins in 50," Ron Wasserman (Braves-Twins 50 game matchup)
  • "Improve on Perfection?," uncredited (fan profile)
  • "National Shoreview APBA Baseball Congress," uncredited (1968 replay)

Vol. 1, No. 6, June 1968

  • 20 Pages
  • Origins of the APBA Journal, Leonard Gaydos
  • "APBA at WLW," uncredited (league report of Pat Patterson)
  • "North-East Leauge," Gerry Brooks (league report)
  • "Some APBA Records," uncredited (all time records from years of replays by Thomas Wood)
  • "'Sorry,'" uncredited (no back issues available)
  • "Reds and Giants top NL," uncredited (1965 replay of Larry Dasymski)
  • "Cards Lose to Chisox," uncredited (1967 replay of Bob Kennedy)
  • "North American Baseball Association," uncredited (roster of league managers)
  • "Exciting is the Word," uncredited (1967 replay of Don Howell)
  • "Who Says It's All Pitching?," uncredited (game report)
  • "Thanks," uncredited (editors thanks to contributors)
  • Letters: Richard Kentera
  • "Hands Turns In Vander Meer Feat," uncredited (dreplay of Terry Feightner)

Vol. 1, No. 7, July 1968

  • 20 pages
  • "Cards Outclass Bosox in 5," uncredited (1967 World Series replay)
  • "When Lonborg Was Rested," Daniel Karp (1967 World Series replay)
  • "Three-Way Tie," James Stanek (Great Teams of the Past solo replay)
  • "Overtime--And How," uncredited (Great Teams of the Past game report of Michael Pawlowicz)
  • "Slugfest," Dave Wohlsen (draft league game report)
  • "American League 1966," uncredited (describing replay of Mike Fisher)

Vol. 2

Vol. 2, No. 1, August 1968

  • 20 pages
  • "AJ One Year Old," Leonard Gaydos
  • "National League 1964," uncredited (replay of John Reossello)
  • "The Midnight League," Daniel Karp (Great Teams of the Past league report)
  • "American League 1967," John Corbett (draft league game report)
  • "National League 1965," uncredited (replay of Don Littlewood)
  • "Comeback," Thomas O'Toole (Great Teams of the Past game report)
  • APBA Mailbox: Harold Warren
  • Replay Report, uncredited (Great Teams of the Past replay by Dick Pell)
  • "National League 1966," uncredited (replay of Dan Armstrong)

Vol. 2, No. 2, October 1968

  • 24 Pages
  • "Goose Egg Deluge," Leonard Gaydos (investigates the proportion of various pitching grades by innings pitched for seasons 1961-67)
  • "V APBA C," uncredited (discusses Virginia APBA Congress league run by Steve Jones)
  • "Yanks Top 18 Others," uncredited (GTOP replay submitted by anonymous contributor)
  • "1963 Cards, Yanks Win," uncredited (1963 replay of Mike Lacey)
  • "34 Innings," uncredited (1967 game replay of George Taylor)
  • APBA Mailbox: Conrad Horn
  • "CBL," uncredited (report of Continental Baseball League, run by Mike Pawlowicz)
  • "Won-156, Lost-4," Michael I. Frischberg (recounting 160 game series of all time NL greats against 1965 NL teams)
  • "What a finish!," Bob Godby (game report)
  • "Not his Day," uncredited (game report of David Bedingfield)

Vol. 2, No. 3, December 1968

  • 20 pages
  • "Giants - Dodgers Clash Again," Leonard Gaydos (1951 NL playoff replay)
  • "Tigers Win," John Corbett (1967 AL replay report)
  • "Twins Take Tourney," uncredited (Minnesota Twins tournament replay of Alan Wasserback)
  • "Continental Baseball League," uncredited (report of Continental Baseball League, run by Mike Pawlowicz)
  • "Interleague," uncredited (1965 interleague replay of Ken Cobb)
  • "1967 AL Replay," uncredited (1967 AL replay of Laurel Prieb)
  • "Old-Timers," uncredited (GTOP replay of Ron Wasserman)
  • "27," uncredited (game report of Scott Wagner)
  • "A Report on Progress," Leonard Gaydos (describes plans to begin photo-offset printing of the Journal, necessitating subscription price increase)
  • APBA Mailbox: Thomas A. O'Toole

Vol. 2, No. 4, February 1969

  • 28 pages
  • "A Talk With - William Weiss, Top Statistician," uncredited (interview with professional Minor League statistician, William Weiss)
  • "From Us to You," Leonard Gaydos (letter from the editor reporting on developments with producing the Journal)
  • "Transcontinental," uncredited (report on combined GTOP and modern team league run by John Wright)
  • "1962 Replay," uncredited (replay of Steve Jones)
  • APBA Mailbox: Don Goldberg, Jerrold Depew, Robert Neely, Scott Wagner, Michael Pawlowicz
  • "Early Years," uncredited (GTOP replay of Robert Simoni)
  • "Birds Win by a Feather," Herb Hetzler (1966 AL replay)
  • "No Hitters," uncredited (describing no-hitters reported by readers)
  • "What a Game," Tommy L. Churchwell (1927 game report)

Vol. 2, No. 5, April 1969

  • 28 pages
  • "BAABC Makes Debut," uncredited (described newly formed league)
  • "Drysdale No-Hitter," uncredited (game report of Tommy L. Churchwell and various league reports)
  • "From Us to You," Leonard Gaydos (letter from the editor reviewing two recent fan publications)
  • "65-67 Composite," uncredited (replay of Charles Nelson using cards from 1965-67)
  • "Trnascontinental," John Wright (report on combined GTOP and modern team league)
  • "NABA," uncredited (league report)
  • APBA Mailbox: Lawrence J. McLaughlin, Michael King, Alan Hutchins, Harold S. Bigelow, Bill Priester
  • "NAPA," uncredited (report of league consisting of 1967 teams and various ATA and ATB players, run by Bob Derendal)
  • "UBL," uncredited (report of league run by David Bridge)
  • "Harper Woods," David Ouellette (1967 NL replay league report)
  • "1927 Yanks Win," Thomas A. Hensler (replay involving 1927 Yankees, 1934 Tigers and 1967 Cardinals)
  • "Exciting Moments," Rob Ciandella (1967 replay report)
  • "Cards Lead," Richard Williams (cross-era tournament report)
  • "Special Notice: Card Errors in 1969 Edition," uncredited (errors in cards of Steve Carlton and Manny Mota)

Vol. 2, No. 6, June 1969

  • 28 pages
  • "Tigers Take Title in Amazing Comeback," uncredited (annual AJ World Series Replay report)
  • "APBA Replays," Bob Werner and Kenn Cobb (1964 and 1967 replay reports)
  • "Cards Take Tourney," Jack Kohn (tournament report)
  • Full page league ad by John Brodak
  • APBA Mailbox: Richard Woelfel, Harold Warren, William S. Chichester, Dan Heaton
  • "Revenge," Paul Graves (1962 World Series replay)
  • "Tourney," uncredited (tournament plans of Rich Kitchens)
  • "Tigers Lead," uncredited (1968 AL replay of Jimmy Belew)
  • "The Spoiler," uncreditd (1968 replay report)
  • "New Old-Timers," uncredited (GTOP product review)

Vol. 2, No. 7, July 1969

  • 24 pages
  • "Giants Lead BAABC," uncredited (league report)
  • "Pitchers' Monopoly," uncredited (game report of John Dubovsky)
  • "MVP," uncredited (method for selecting season MVP)
  • "'68 AL Replay," uncredited (report of replay by Jimmy Belew)
  • "Hot Streak," Kevin Riper (1966 NL replay report)
  • "Greats Clash," Robert Trigg (game report of all-time all-stars vs. modern all-stars)
  • "Phils Win in '64," uncredited (report of replay by John Rossello)
  • "Reds Smash Brooklyn," Paul Graves (1953 replay report)
  • "'62 Replay," uncredited (report of replay by Royce Sleighter)
  • APBA Mailbox: Phillip Rhoads, Charles Lord, Fred Littleton, Carmen Zarelli

Vol. 3

Vol. 3, No. 1, August 1969

  • 24 pages
  • "Nationals Win," uncredited (annual APBA Journal All-Star Game replay report)
  • "Continental," uncredited (league report)
  • "Great Teams," uncredited (GTOP replay of Don Littlewood)
  • "Transcon," uncredited (report on GTOP and modern Transcontinental league)
  • "Sun-Coast," Ron Wheeler, Tom Schultz and John Huyett (1968 NL replay report)
  • "Team Replays," Marshall S. Berke and (1968 Indians replay)
  • "Bell Rings the Bell," Thomas O'Toole (GTOP vs modern player game report)
  • "NAT-AM," Harvey Rosen (1967 replay report)
  • APBA Mailbox: John Panerio, Richard Krisciunas, Victor F. Boone

Vol. 3, No. 2, October 1969

  • 28 pages
  • "Fair Distribution of Unusual Plays: New System Developed by AJ," uncredited (unusual play card game variant)
  • "Bucs Slam Ruth & Co.," Michael I. Frischberg (1927 World Series replay)
  • APBA Mailbox: Kenneth R. Wetzel, David Bedingfield, John Brodak, Richard J. Williams, Steve Jones
  • "Marathon," uncredited (game report from 1966 replay of David Calkins)
  • Full page ad for APBA Innings, Carmen Zarelli
  • "From Us to You," Leonard Gaydos (commenting on the illicit trafficing in photocopied APBA cards)
  • "Another Journal," uncredited (discussing Wall Street Journal article on APBA)
  • "Yearbook," uncredited (discussing yearbook released by CANAM eague for its 1963 season)
  • "Thanks," uncredited (a thank you to AJ contributors)
  • "BAABC," uncredited (league report)
  • "Imperial Football League," uncredited (report of league run by Dave Rubinstein; first coverage of sport other than baseball in AJ)
  • "CBL Report," uncredited (draft league report)
  • "NABA," uncredited (draft league report)
  • "WMNL," Rich Diaz (league report)
  • "Amazing Mets," uncredited (mixed-year replay by William and Robert Ellis)
  • "Old Timers," uncredited (mixed-year replay by Tommy L. Churchwell)

Vol. 3, No. 3, December 1969

  • 28 pages
  • "Schedules Ending: Races in Final Phases," uncredited (league reports for CBL, NABA and BAABC)
  • "Vintage Series," uncredited (1909 Worlde Series replay by Nick Rothman)
  • APBA Mailbox: Royce M. Sleighter, Russell Gray III, Jerry Dailey)
  • "CANAM '64," uncredited (1963 draft league report)
  • "The APBA Scene," uncredited ("conglomeration of newsroundup of notes, news and happenings in the world of APBA)
  • "A.P.B.A. Innings," uncredited (reviews the innaugural issue of APBA Innings)
  • "Compare," uncredited (compares 1967 NL replays submitted by Ken Cobb and Tom Patton)
  • Full page ad for The APBA Report, a new magazine
  • "From Us to You," Leonard Gaydos (reveals plans to ship the Journal by first class mail)
  • "Come out of Hiding," uncredited (asking readers to bring in new subscibers to the Journal)
  • "The Report," uncredited (discusses the new publication, "The APBA Report")
  • "Pitching Systems," uncredited (rules for pitching rotations in league play)
  • "Great Circulation Boom," uncredited (contest for boosting subscriptions to the Journal)

Vol. 3, No. 4, February 1970

  • 20 pages
  • "The Champions--Cards Win in BAABC; Seals Do Same in TABL," uncredited (league reports)
  • "Keystone," uncredited (report of Keystone League of David Small and Samuel Murphy)
  • APBA Mailbox: Royce M. Slater, Joseph Toolen, Samuel D. Ingham, Gil LeBreton, Mike Pawlowicz
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (reports that subscription contest was a bust, APBA directory wildly successful; mixed-era replay reports of Jeff Hanson and Nick Rothman; rules variants for error distribution and injury duration cards)
  • "Koosman's Effort," uncredited (game report from TABL)
  • "26 Innings," uncredited (reports for two different 26-inning games)
  • "1968 Replays," uncredited (reports for separate 1968 AL and NL replays)
  • "1962 Replay," Larry Evanoff (replay report)

Vol. 3, No. 5, April 1970

  • 20 pages
  • "Orioles Win; Beat Mets in World Series Replay: Cuellar Unbelievable," uncredited (1969 World Series replay)
  • APBA Mailbox: Frank Coutinho, Ron Rectenwald
  • "Hi-Lo," uncredited (league report of the Bob and Jack Kohn)
  • "Congratulations," uncredited (congratulating the 1000th AJ subscriber)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (reporting on the APBA Directory, real life baseball event probabilities, GTOP replay report, game report)
  • "Sub Grades," Leonard Gaydos (reporting on multi-grade pitching innovation of Warren Shapiro as enhanced by Len Gaydos)
  • "1968," uncredited (replay of Steve Jones)
  • "Maplewood Wins," uncredited (draft league report of Mike Pawlowicz)

Vol. 3, No. 6, June 1970

  • 20 pages
  • "N.E.L. Champs," uncredited (draft league report of North East League)
  • "Super Debut," Charles H. Nelson (game report)
  • "the APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (plug for advertising in the AJ)
  • APBA Mailbox: Robert A. Ellis
  • "APBA Tidbits," uncredited (All-Time Greats replay report of Jerry Donaldson)
  • "CANAM," Norm Roth (draft league report)
  • "A.L. '68," John Corbett (replay report)
  • "BAABC," uncredited (draft league report)

Vol. 4

Vol. 4, No. 1, August 1970

  • 16 pages
  • "AL Wins in Comeback," uncredited (annual AJ All-Star Game replay report)
  • "Greenewald on APBA," John Greenewald (first appearance of any regular columnist in the AJ; comments on: pitching sub-grades, hitting card construction, hit-and-run strategy)
  • Opinions: Royce M. SLeighter, Jim Callahan, Woody Studenmund, Lupe Hernandez, Mike Lacey, Earl Heimerdinger, Warren Shapiro, Stu McCorkindale, Chris Smith
  • Replays (1966 NL replay of Harry Erwin, and 1969 NL replay of Robert Hisnay)
  • "The World Series," Michael I. Frischberg and Rich Crowell (reporting on 1911 and 1906 World Series replays, respectively)
  • "Great Teams Tourney," Bob Cushman (tournament report, including bracket results)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (reports release of Saddle Racing game; various league reports)
  • "All Pitching," uncredited (1968 NL replay of Rocco M. Squillace)
  • "The Mets All the Way," Edward Brown (1969 NL East replay)

Vol. 4, No. 2, October 1970

  • 16 pages
  • "AJ Injury System," uncredited (rules variant)
  • "1960 Replay," uncredited (NL replay of Bob Knight)
  • "Fantastic Rally," Ron Rectenwald (draft league game report)
  • "1950 Replay," uncredited (AL replay of Ed Weinberg)
  • "The 12," uncredited (significance of the 12 in identifying APBA cards)
  • "Dice," uncredited (discussion of accuracy of APBA dice)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (reports on APBA move to what will be the Millersville Road location, pitching rule variant, various replay and league reports)
  • "Roll Call," uncredited (various league reports)
  • Opinions: letters from Mike Trull, William J. Linn (suggesting ZZ rating), Marshall Berke, Robert Ellis, Bill Kutscher, Ronald J. Rectenwald, Perry Johnson, Jim Grippe, Harold S. Bigelow
  • AJ Opinion Survey (seeks to measure demand for reprints and past seasons)

Vol. 4, No. 3, December 1970

  • 16 pages
  • "Fans Call for Reprints," uncredited (analysing results of opinion survey in last issue)
  • "Survey Results," uncredited (raw data from survey in previous issue)
  • "The 1962 World Series," Johnny Alban (replay report)
  • "Indians, Dodgers Win," uncredited (1952 replay of John Willson)
  • "1968 Replay," uncredited (replay of Frank J. Marketich)
  • "National Hi-Lo," uncredited (draft league report)
  • Opinions: letters from Perry Johnson, Dennis Bare, Susan D. Rhoades, Samuel W. Murphy, Robert L. Frey, William Chichester, Francis Tunstall, Jr.
  • "Greatest of the APBA Era," uncredited (profiling cards of Willie mays and Hank Aaron)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (announcing release of rival paper, APBA Innings, an extension of A.P.B.A. Innings by John Brodak; pitching grade variant; league reports)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (first installment of long-running feature focusing on card trivia)

Vol. 4, No. 4, February 1971

  • 12 pages
  • "SM Reds are BAABC Champs," uncredited (league report)
  • "Pitching Symbols," Leonard Gaydos (critiquing ZZ pitching rating introduced in Oct '70 AJ)
  • "The Coming of APBA," Leonard Gaydos (reflections on waiting for the new year's card set)
  • "A Few Notes While Going Nuts Because APBA Is Here and I Can't Open It," Darrel Scott (musings about receiving the year's card set)
  • "A Finish at Last," uncredited (1962 World Series replay of Bill Lilley)
  • "TCAL," uncredited (multi-season league report)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia)
  • "TABL," John J. Rosello (draft league report)
  • "1967 Replay," uncredited (Scott Wagner)
  • "NHL," uncredited (draft league report)
  • Opinions: letters from Royce M. Sleighter, Thomas Bastek, Mark F. Smiley
  • "The AJ Story," uncredited (the history of the AJ told in timeine format and with pictures)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (Pacific Coast League APBA cards?; league reports)
  • "Not Another," Virgil Diodato (reporting on a Denny McLain no-hitter and glut of no-hitters in league)
  • "Old-Timers," uncredited (GTOP replay of William Dod)
  • "The Greatest," Shannon Kelly (makes the case that he is the biggest APBA fan)
  • "1969 Replay," Mike Trull (NL replay report)

Vol. 4, No. 5, April 1971

  • 12 pages
  • "The Orioles Win--Again," uncredited (fourth annual AJ World Series replay, replaying 1970 WS)
  • "Dynasties Untoppled," uncredited (league report of CANAM APBA Baseball League)
  • "Pioneers are Champs," uncredited (league report of The APBA Baseball League (TABL))
  • "APBA's New Home Complete," uncredited (reporting on completion of APBA's new Millersville Rd site)
  • "Yanks Hold On For Win Over Hot Sox," Thomas Wallace (1961 AL replay report)
  • Opinions: letters from Mark F. Smiley, Mike Griffin, Gary A. Roberts, Ronald J. Rectenwald, Bob Hisnay
  • AJ Focus: Profiles on APBA fans Richard Riccelli, Donald Hirsch, Chet Coupe, Michael King
  • "The Passing of an Old Friend," John Greenewald (reminiscences of recently demolished Connie Mack Stadium)
  • "American Professional Baseball Association," Ron Rectenwald (1969 draft league report)
  • "Another Greatest," John Greenewald (makes case for Koufax being the greatest pitcher of the APBA era)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (Warren Shapiro reports no advantage from A&C pitcher grade; Game Company clarifications on base coaching rule; card errata; house rule for determining replay MVP; league reports)
  • "The Rebels," Bill Joseph Marinac (1970 draft league report)
  • "Griffin Top Choice," uncredited (Doug Griffin wins AJ "Stars of Tomorrow" reader poll)
  • "1968 Replay," uncredited (report of Gary Van Sickle's AL replay)

Vol. 4, No. 6, June 1971

  • 12 pages
  • "Saxton Takes N.E.L. Title," William J. Linn (play by mail draft league report)
  • "Optional Steals," Leonard Gaydos (base stealing rules variant)
  • "Names," Alan Paul Byron Anderson (humor piece on player names)
  • "You've Got to Love 'Em," Derrin Burge (1963 Houston Colt .45s team replay)
  • "One Man's APBA Story," Dave Hull (a fan's APBA autobiography)
  • "Unique NABC Setup," uncredited (league structure based on player value pricing)
  • "APBA on CBS," uncredited (transcript of CBS Evening News feature on APBA)
  • "UPC," uncredited (rules variant; updated Unusual Play Card to reflect change in APBA card formula)
  • Opinions: letters from Byron Funkhouser, Scott Boncie, Bobby Parrish, Marshall Smelser, Joe Toolen
  • AJ Focus: Profiles the Fairlawn APBA League of Akron, Ohio
  • "Jayhawk Old Timers League," uncredited (GTOP replay of Dave Summer and Jim Corman)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (card errata, rules clarification, league reports)
  • "A Rebel Finish," Bill Joseph Marinac (1970 draft league report)
  • "Evergreen League," Royce M. Sleighter (GTOP replay report)
  • "Reds Win This Time," uncredited (1970 World Series replay report)

Vol. 5

Vol. 5, No. 1, August 1971

  • 12 pages
  • "The APBA Stadium Dream," uncredited (report on the Gaydos brothers' building of model stadiums)
  • "Vida Blue: Grade A&B?," Leonard Gaydos (assessing Blue's chances for the coveted rating based on 1971 season)
  • "And In This Corner," Alan Paul Byron Anderson (musings on APBA baseball game lingo)
  • "A Long One," uncredited (report on 19 inning game played by Tad Ludes)
  • "APBA in Cleveland," uncredited (profiles Greater Cleveland Baseball Association)
  • "Reds Surprise," Michael I. Frischberg (1979 Reds season replay)
  • "Pitching Rules," Jeff Sagarin (pitcher usage rules)
  • Page of Opinions: comment on APBA directory; letters from Russell Gray III, Andy Crist, Pete Simonelli (informing of card errata), Morris Donaldson Jr., Bobby Parrish,
  • AJ Focus: Profile of Southern California Underground Baseball Association (SCUBA)
  • "Q/A," APBA Card Trivia
  • "'06 Upgrade," uncredited (Doug Bauer reports on changes to pitching grades to 1906 White Sox, Cubs, and 1934 Cardinals)
  • "Campaigner Takes Time Out for APBA," uncredited (profiling Thacher Longstreth)
  • "Saigon Monsoon Drowns Out Game," Robert Butler (recounting game played on active duty in Viet Nam)
  • "Doctoring For Gibson," John J. Bergen (1970 Bob Gibson replay)
  • "Braves Tops in '57," uncredited (1957 World Series replay of Richard D. Lewis)
  • "All White Sox Seres," uncredited (series matchup between 1906 and 1917 White Sox)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (reporting on use of player value system described in June 1971 issue; league reports)
  • "League Roll Call," uncredited (league reports)
  • "New APBA Era," uncredited (reports May 17 1971 opening of APBA Millersville Road location)
  • "Second Team First," uncredited (GTOP tournament report)

Vol. 5, No. 2, October 1971

  • 12 pages
  • "APBA Breakthrough," uncredited (announcing APBA's new World Series baseball game)
  • "Fine-Tuning APBA," Leonard Gaydos (pitching grade and variants)
  • "Orchard in Outfield One of Many Problems," David A. Oullette (humor piece)
  • "Astounding Replay," uncredited (1970 MLB replay report of Bobby Parrish)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial comment on new World Series game; letters from Dave Shane, Bob Knight, Curt Johnson
  • "NABA Time Travel," uncredited (league report)
  • A Glance at the Leagues: league reports
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (GTOP recalculation, demise of The APBA Report, league reports)
  • "Really Realistic," Dave Hull (humor piece)
  • "Browns Take Over for Orioles," Marshall Smelser and Michael I. Frischburg (two 1922 Browns replays against 1970 AL teams)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (card trivia)
  • "Resting Pitchers," uncredited (pitcher rest chart submitted by Earl E. Dodge)
  • "Scout of the Year," uncredited (announcing winner of AJ's Stars of Tomorrow contest)
  • "Humiliation," Mark Smiley (series replay)
  • "Rainouts," uncredited (rules variant: rainouts system)

Vol. 5, No. 3, December 1971

  • 12 pages
  • "Orioles Fly to NABC Flag," uncredited (replay report of National APBA Baseball Congress (formerly Bay Area Baseball Congress))
  • "Fans Test Jackson Card; New Fatigue System," Leonard Gaydos (reports on test of 3-column Reggie Jackson card; unveils novel pitcher fatigue innovation)
  • "--And In This Corner," Alan Paul Byron Anderson (humor piece)
  • "Murderers Row Squad Thrown into 1970 Fray," Marshall Smelser (1970 replay with 1927 Yanks replacing Baltimore)
  • "Mavericks Top NABA," uncredited (draft league replay report of Richard Ludwig)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (humor, league and replay reports)
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (various league reports)
  • "Series of '42," Bill Staffa (replay report of 1942 World Series using APBA's World Series set)
  • "Dodgers Replayed," uncredited (report of Dave Calkins's 1969 Dodgers replay)
  • "Cueller Spins Perfecto," Mike Perry (game report)
  • Page of Opinions: editorials on Journal format and cost of production; letters from Gary Battistoni, Jeff Sagarin, Jack Kohn, Bob Hisnay, Marshal Smelser, Dave Ouellette, Richard Palmer, Richard Riccelli
  • "Q/A," uncredited (card trivia)
  • "Errors Discovered," uncredited (errata reported by Bob Hisnay for recent World Series card release)

Vol. 5, No. 4, February 1972

  • 12 pages
  • Forty Years of APBA: Book Hints--No Card Reprints," uncredited (news of Game Company's stance on reprinting card sets)
  • "Koufax Leads Star Vote," uncredited (reporting results of poll to select all-time great APBA-era players)
  • "--And In This Corner," Alan Paul Byron Anderson (satirical look at Cook's "Percentage Baseball")
  • "APBA F-Troop," Scott Boncie (one fan's all-time APBA all-star team)
  • "Comprehensive APBA Story in a New Book," Leonard Gaydos (review of Schmierer's "Forty Years of APBA")
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (league news and notes; card errata)
  • "Browns of '22 Edge Out Yanks in Duel," Marshall Smelser (54-game 2-team league report)
  • "New Severe Injury Card," Barry Koopersmith (game rule variant)
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (league reports)
  • "AJ Focus: CANAM," Norm Roth (profile of CANAM League)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial encouraging APBA players to avoid concealing their hobby; letters from Armand Erickson (pitching grade rule variant), Russell J. Thayer, J. Richard Seitz (concerning the realism of the game's rainout rules), Chris Joseph, Lupe Hernandez, Mark Smiley
  • "Drowning in Hullisms," uncredited (responses to Hull's humor piece from Oct '71 Journal)
  • "Great Teams Provide Razor Sharp Race," Ron Gold (GTOP replay using 1930s and 1940s teams)
  • "Ricelli's Decision: NABA to Die," uncredited (reporting the disbanding of the National-American Baseball Association)

Vol. 5, No. 5, April 1972

  • 12 pages
  • "Bucs Bombard Birds," uncredited (APBA Journal World Series Replay)
  • "And in this Corner," Alan Paul Byron Anderson (column with random thoughts and stolen base variant)
  • "Not So Instant Replay," uncredited (1968 NL replay of Jody Robinson)
  • "All the Errors Aren't on 53," uncredited (compilation of APBA cars errata to date)
  • "Oh, Those Aggravations," Dave Ouellette (column with observations on bad APBA luck)
  • "The All Stars," uncredited (results of AJ reader poll on APBA-era all-stars)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia)
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (various league reports)
  • "AJ Focus: Coutinhos," uncredited (profiling the Counho family of APBA players)
  • "St. Luis On Top in '67," uncredited (Derrin Burge's 1967 NL replay(
  • "Browns Shatter NL Best," Marshall Smelser (GTOP replay)
  • Page of Opinions: letters from Benjamin L. Weiser, Dave Shane, Henry E. Dressel (introducing game variant bases empty/occupied split pitcher ratings), Robert Sermak, Ron Blake, Jeff Hanson
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (league notes, APBA in the news, humor)
  • "Play Stengel's Game," uncredited (platoon system game variant of Maynard Aaberg)

Vol. 5, No. 6, June 1972

  • 12 pages
  • "Red Roses in Bloom," William J. Linn (North East League draft league report)
  • "Two for the Defense," Robert Henry (game variants: error card and new rating for super-defensive team)
  • "And in this Corner," Alan Paul Byron Anderson (critique of multi-grade pitching variant discussed in Oct 71 issue)
  • "Mini-Sked Great for Busy Fan," Warren Shapiro (1969 NL replay report; replay ideas)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (APBA Hockey game chatter; APBA-era All-Stars discussion; replay and league reports)
  • "Phils Hang On For Win After Seven Long Years," Dave Ouellette (1964 NL replay)
  • "Injury System," uncredited (game variant)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (column/humor on APBA subculture)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial on whether AJ should cover game variants; Letters from Dave Hull (Game Ideas a Valuable Service), Michael Stearnes, Ron Mura Jr.
  • "The All Stars," uncredited (card reproductions of APBA-era All Stars)
  • "Tales of Spiro, The Great Fireman," Rick Christianson (humor)

Vol. 6

Vol. 6, No. 1, August 1972

  • 12 pages
  • "Long Time Fan New APBA VP," Leonard Gaydos (hiring of Fritz Light by APBA Game Co.)
  • "Inventor's Forum," Game variants presented by Scott Boncie (base stealing), Charles Williams (error adjustment), John Alan Lovin (team fielding), Barry Koopersmith (pitcher fatigue)
  • "The APBA Scene," leonard Gaydos (league report; report of meeting with APBA Innings publisher, John Brodak)
  • "AJ Focus: APBA Game Co.," uncredited (profiling the new GameCo headquarters, with pictures)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia; tips on play by mail)
  • "Sixties a Bore, So It's Back to '57," Patrick W. Phillips (1957 AL replay report)
  • "League Champs Will Battle," unrcredited (Grelow APBA League report)
  • "Non-Stop APBA," uncredited (reporting on marathon APBA session)
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (league reports)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial reflecting on five years of publication; letters from Juan M. Sanchez, John Alan Lovin, Daniel Goldsmith, Dave Blodgett, Richard McEachran (suggesting GameCo publish 1949 and 1941 seasons)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (humor column)
  • "Convincing Simulation," Alois (Passed Ball) Achweh (game variants on injuries, weather and fatigue)
  • "The All Stars," uncredited (card reproductions of APBA-era All Stars)
  • "Light from APBA," Fritz Light (responding to fan suggestions on batter platooning)

Vol. 6, No. 2, October 1972

  • 8 pages
  • "Reds Keep Machine Rolling," uncredited (Dan Boyd's 1970 Reds replay)
  • "Does Series Pick Champ," uncredited (Greenewald replay of every world series possible using available cards)
  • "Yanks Come on Strong in 1957 Replay," uncredited (Jim Rembacki's 1957 AL replay, with comments by Greenewald on a prior '57 replay)
  • "Garbage Card Blues," Dave Ouellette (humor piece about the unusual play card)
  • "Tripartite Majors," uncredited (replay innovation)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (humor column)
  • "Looks Deceiving in '69 Struggle," Carl Carpenter (1969 AL replay)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial announcing AJ page count cutback; letters from Tom O'Toole, Richard Lewis, Richard Melhorn
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (league reports)
  • "Ruth on Torture Rack," Aaron Shomo (fiction piece about games played with 1921 Ruth cards filling out the lineups of both teams)
  • "The All Stars," uncredited (card reproductions of APBA-era All Stars)
  • "Light from APBA," Fritz Light (commenting on fan innovation suggestions received by the GameCo)
  • "Q/A," Doug Bauer (APBA card trivia)

Vol. 6 No. 3, December 1972

  • 8 pages
  • "Extra Stars Boost Cubs to Top," uncredited (NABC draft league recap)
  • "Pitching on Rise Again," Leonard Gaydos (1972 baseball card set pitching predictions)
  • "Dave Dull," Dave Hull (humor piece)
  • "Time Traveller's Report: Snatch '52," uncredited (John Willson's 1952 replay results)
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (league reports)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial on how to reduce pitcher dominance in MLB; letters from Mark Smiley, Richard Lewis (arguing for platooning in APBA, eliciting a response from the editor)
  • "Gene Michael Superstar?" uncredited (describing a league in which the commissioners remade cards based on statistics generated from playing 1967 second-stringers)
  • "Q/A," Doug Bauer (APBA card trivia)
  • "The All Stars," uncredited (card reproductions of APBA-era All Stars)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (announcing plans for a 1973 APBA convention; league reports; fan profile)

Vol. 6, No. 4, February 1973

  • 10 pages
  • "Convention Ball Rolling," uncredited (preview of 1973 convention)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (humor piece)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial on postal problems; letters from Lupe Hernandez, Fritz Light, Rick Kennedy
  • "Great in So Many Ways," uncredited (tribute to Roberto Clemente)
  • "Dave Oullette," Dave Oullette (humor piece)
  • "Tales of an Astronaut," Bruce Douglas (recounting Astros replays of various seasons)
  • "Browns Win Again," Marshall Smelser (GTOP replay involving 1922 St. Louis Browns)
  • "Braves Top Giants, Dodgers Slump in '59 Play," Ron Gold (1959 NL replay)
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (league reports)
  • "The Designated Hitter--Its Effect on APBA," Ben Weiser and Leonard Gaydos (speculation on effect of the upcoming AL rule change)
  • "Q/A," Doug Bauer (APBA card trivia)
  • "The All Stars," uncredited (card reproductions of APBA-era All Stars)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (Ben Weiser and the convention; Ben Weiser and upcoming APBA books; replay reports)

Vol. 6, No. 7, April 1973

  • 8 pages
  • "Reds Smash Swingin' A's," uncredited (APBA Journal World Series replay)
  • "Convention Lineup," uncredited (agenda for 1973 convention)
  • "Light From APBA," Fritz Light (recounting his own memories of APBA)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (humor piece about the new designated hitter rule)
  • Page of Opinions: reporting results of AJ opinion poll regarding the DH, interleague play, realignment, narrowed strike zone; letters from Ken Toomajian (proposing that pitchers' hitting tablets be replaced with a distribution of pitching grades), Mike Stearnes, Cary Liniger, Fred Davis, Ken Cobb
  • "Baseball Before the Pitching Rise," Michael Stearnes (1961 NL replay report)
  • "Card Errors," uncredited (APBA card errata)
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (league reports)
  • "Q/A," Doug Bauer (APBA card trivia)
  • "The Really New Math," Dave Shane (humor piece)
  • "Dave Oullette," Dave Oullette (humor piece)
  • "The All Stars," uncredited (card reproductions of APBA-era All Stars)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (playing APBA while on vacation; replay reports)

Vol. 6, No. 6, June 1973

  • 8 pages
  • "All Systems Go in Philly," uncredited (1973 convention preview)
  • "Fine-Tune Test," uncredited (report on John Kunich's replay using APBA Journal's proposed pitching grade innovation system)
  • "Light From APBA," Fritz Light (the Game Company's comments on the effect of the DH on APBA cards)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (humor piece)
  • Page of Opnions: editorial on upcoming convention; letters from Howard Canter, Wayne Poniewaz, Lupe Hernandez, Bowie Kuhn, Larry Gasiorowski
  • "Newport Rolls to NEL Flag," Bill Linn (NEL draft league report)
  • "'52 Teams Tear Up moderns," uncredited (report of cross-era replay of the Coutinho brothers)
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (league reports)
  • "Dave Shane," Dave Shane (humor piece)
  • "Q/A," Doug Bauer (APBA card trivia)
  • "Dave Oullette," Dave Oullette (humor piece)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (game replay report)

Vol. 7

Vol. 7, No. 1, August 1973

  • 10 pages
  • "Journal to Expand," uncredited (announcement of Ben Weiser as new editor, monthly format, coverage of all sports)
  • "First Convention Big Smash," uncredited (report on 1873 convention)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (humor piece)
  • "Light From APBA," Fritz Light (comment on card errors)
  • "Indians Top Old-Timers," uncredited (GTOP replay of Al Holth, Charlie Liscsz, Dan McGuigan)
  • "A Glance at the Leagues," uncredited (league reports)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial about Journal expansion; letters from Bruce Douglas, Randy Huyser, Jeff David, Lawrence green, Richard Melhorn, Vince Ryan, Robert Schmierer, Steve Atwalis
  • "A&C Fits Steve to a 'T'," Bob Knight and Michael Frischberg (separate 1972 Steve Carlton replays)
  • "APBA Really Means Andorran Plastic Bagel Alliance," Aaron Shomo (humor piece)
  • "Convention 1973," Leonard Gaydos and Dave Oullette (1973 convention notes)
  • "Plate Play, By Position," Kevin Andrews (play at the plate baseball game innovation)
  • "Yanks Fight Off Foes," uncredited (1964 AL replay of Bob Ciandella)
  • "Dave Shane," Dave Shane (humor piece)
  • "Pitchers' Year Spoiled by Williams and Wynn," uncredited (1968 NL replay of Gary Van Sickle)
  • "The APBA Scene," Leonard Gaydos (game replay report; recounting meeting APBA fans in unlikely places; replay report)
  • "APBA Innings Runs Out," uncredited (reporting the demise of APBA Innings)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia)
  • "Dave Oullette," Dave Oullette (humor piece)

Vol. 7, No. 2, October 1973

  • 14 pages
  • "Bench, Carlton Most Popular," Peter Simonelli (survey results from 1973 convention)
  • "AJ Focus: The APBA Fan Who Met His Match," uncredited (a fan plays Seitz at 1973 convention)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (humor piece)
  • "Braves Fan Replays '57," Alex Poniewaz (1957 NL replay)
  • "Around the Horn," Wiley Foxx (humor piece)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial about the next convention and the new era of the Journal; letters from Dave Rhen, George Hines, Mark Jacobson, John Kunich (defending a pitcher sub-grade innovation), Peter Blank (analysis of second column 11's)
  • "Light From APBA," Fritz Light (Light answers game questions from fans)
  • "Inside APBA," Robert Schmierer (APBA sample card trivia)
  • "Couldn't Beat 'Em," Janice Hettinger (column by an APBA player's wife)
  • "Innovate," Ernie Charette (clutch performance innovation)
  • "Table Game Craze Sweeps the Nation," David Eisenhower (convention written by a professional journalist and intended for a general audience)
  • "On Football," Mike Haley (solitaire system for the football game)
  • "On Golf," Royce Sleighter (on issuing new golfer cards each season)
  • "Indians Finish Strong," David Jones (Indians replay report)
  • "Lingua APBA," Bob Savage (humor piece)
  • "Card Errors," uncredited (card errata)
  • "Whetting Your APBAtite," Robert Ellis (humor piece)
  • "Emergency Positions," Aaron Shomo (player usage innovation)
  • "In Your League," John Franklin (tips on league formation)
  • A Glance at the Leagues (league reports)
  • "The APBA Scene," Ben Weiser and Leonard Gaydos (miscellany)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia)
  • "Dave Oullette," Dave Oullette (humor piece)

Vol. 7, No. 3, November 1973

  • 14 pages
  • "APBA's Greatest Home Run Hitter," John Greenewald (replay using only the top HR hitters at each position)
  • "AJ Focus: The 12," uncredited (describes the history of the 12)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (humor piece)
  • "A's Surprise Yanks," uncredited (Dave Brennan's GTOP baseball replay)
  • "No Playoff Needed," uncredited (Jay Anderson's 1962 NL replay)
  • "Around the Horn," uncredited (humor piece)
  • Page of Opinions: editorials on establishing an APBA card museum, and on next placement of the "12"; letters from Frank Nault, Ken Cobb, Robert Henry (APBA Baseball Museum), Lupe Hernandez
  • "Inside APBA," Robert Schmierer (baseball replay tips)
  • "Couldn't Beat 'Em," Janice Hettinger (column by an APBA player's wife, guest-written by husband Al)
  • "Baseball Nuts Invade Philly," Steve Summer (1973 APBA Convention report)
  • A Glance at the Leagues (league reports)
  • "Arm Trouble," Ernie Charette (innovation for managing pitchers in replay)
  • "On Football," Mike Haley (solitaire system for the football game)
  • "On Golf," Royce Sleighter (analyzing Jack Nicklaus card)
  • "On Basketball," Flip Rhoades (choosing an all-time APBA Basketball all-star team)
  • "Triple Dice," Bob Savage (the merits of rolling three dice in the football game)
  • "Card Errors," uncredited (card errata)
  • "Whetting Your APBAtite," Robert Ellis (humor piece)
  • "A Token Tip," Lupe Hernandez (innovation for tracking runner speed in baseball game)
  • "You're Playing Too Much When," Aaron Shomo (humor piece)
  • "In Your League," John Franklin (what makes a good league commissioner)
  • "The APBA Scene," Ben Weiser and Leonard Gaydos (call for a new AJ logo; Steve Carlton replay)
  • "The Longest Day," Alois (Passed Ball) Achweh (recounting a 26-inning baseball game)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia)
  • "Dave Oullette," Dave Oullette (humor piece)

Vol. 7, No. 4, December 1973

  • 12 pages
  • "Triple 1's for New Sultan?", researched by Pete Simonelli (review of baseball cards with three 1s)
  • "APBA Museum," Robert Henry (Henry recalls his early years playing and collecting APBA baseball)
  • "Dave Hull," Dave Hull (APBA humor piece)
  • "Remember Choo Choo," researched by Pete Simonelli (recalling the first baseball card to use 11s in the second column)
  • "Card Errors," uncredited (APBA card errata)
  • "Around the Horn," Wiley Foxx (humor piece)
  • Page of Opinions: editorial recounting the past year's events in the APBA world; letters from Rick Cooper, Don Zminda, Richard Hodge, Jack Kokayko, Warren Shapiro, Douglas Manning
  • "Light From APBA," Fritz Light (Light answers game questions from fans)
  • "Inside APBA," Robert Schmierer (discusses the 1950 APBA baseball card set)
  • "Bolivar Rolls," Aaron Shomo (humor piece)
  • "Fine Tune Replay," uncredited (describes Daryl Hollis's use of Fine Tune pitching code in 1972 baseball replay)
  • "The Watergators," uncredited (describes an APBA baseball team consisting of players with Watergate names)
  • "On Football," Mike Haley (discusses football card errata)
  • "On Basketball," Flip Rhoades (discusses his 1971-72 Lakers replay)
  • "Whetting Your APBAtite," Robert Ellis (argues for updating and reissuing past season baseball sets)
  • "In Your League," John Franklin (discusses baseball league draft issues)
  • A Glance at the Leagues: league reports
  • "The APBA Scene," Ben Weiser and Leonard Gaydos (criticizes the MLB waiver system)
  • "Q/A," uncredited (APBA card trivia)
  • "Dave Oullette," Dave Oullette (humor piece)

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