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FAQ for The Eastern Front: 1914-1917

The Eastern Front: 1914-1917 is part Der Weltkrieg Series, a World War I wargame series by David Schroeder, originally started in 1997. It now consists of several independent games with newest editions from 2012.

There is a FAQ for the series standard "Sterling Edition" rules: Der Weltkrieg FAQ.

The Eastern Front is often recommended as a good entry to the system, since it includes 6 different scenarios, and several like Tannenberg have relatively few units and can be played in only a few hours.

This document is partly FAQ and partly reminder about various rule exceptions with links to the relevant exception rules.

List of game FAQs

Differences with earlier versions

Dave Schroeder says of Serbia the Defiant "I think there was an issue with the Danube river's path at the point where it enters Romania from Serbia on the 2000 map. This was corrected in the 2012 game. That should be the only issue."

Tannenberg Scenario

Rail Capacities: "halved" rounded down

Apparently 5 halved here means 2 (rounding down), not 3 (rounding up). I.e. the Russian Rail Network has capacity 2 from in turns 1 and 2 of September, then on turn 3 of September it becomes 5.

3-2: Player aid showing the hexes within 10 MP of Konigsberg

Player aid showing the hexes within 10 MP of Konigsberg:

Victory Conditions: 2 German DM points

Each September turn, check to see whether the Russians occupy or control a hex within 10 movement points of Konigsberg. If there exist any such hexes, then the Germans receive 2 DM (regardless of how many such hexes).

Serbia Scenario

Austro-Hungarian unit 109L 1-4

The Serbia scenario setups say infantry counter 109L is 1-4. Its front is printed with 2-4 and its back is blank. Presumably the front is a misprint and should be 1-4.

Romanian Scenario

The Romanian supply point reinforcements appear in the inventory of any Romanian HQ, split up between different HQs if you want.

If Bucharest is open city or enemy occupied, the 7th Brigade can appear instead in whatever Romanian city is still friendly to the unit and closest to Bucharest.

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