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1. Introduction

1.1 Magazine description

Europa Magazine is an in-house publication of the Games Research/Design (GR/D), dedicated to support of the The Europa Series, The Glory Series and The Great War Series of games. The magazine offers optional rules, scenarios, an inside look at the 3 series and reader feed-back, specifically for the owners of games produced initially by Game Designers' Workshop and since 1989, by Games Research/Design (GR/D).

There have been a total of 87 Issues (88 with the Reprint) of TEM published. The magazine is still nominally in publication, although no new issues have been published since 2004.

1.2 How to use this index

What the The Europa Magazine (TEM) Index Is
The TEM Index is a comprehensive listing and cross reference of the gaming articles that were published in The Europa Magazine. Every major article found in each issue has a listing inside that Issue's particular wiki. Each game article links back to both the game it covers (in the BGG database), as well as to the author's profile page (in the BGG database) if that author is also a game Designer. Each game in the BGG database that has at least one article from TEM about it, will have a listing of ALL the articles from TEM pertain to it in it's BGG game description Wiki. Eventually, this same feature will be available for each game designers profile page in the BGG database that wrote an article for TEM.

Copyright protection
Copyright protection prohibits duplicating the game articles from the pages of TEM without the express written permission of the original publisher - Games Research/Design (GR/D).

Some Suggested Uses For the TEM Index
- One of the most useful ways to use the TEM Index is for those that already own some issues of The EUROPA Magazine. Let's say you own Fire in the East. You know that there were quite a few articles in the TEM that had variants, strategy or other useful information for your game. Searching through them all by hand would take some time, you might miss one or more and how would you know what articles you didn't have if you don't own that issue? With the TEM Index, it's very simple - just click on the link to Fire in the East and every article that was published in the TEM shows up along with the particular Issue it was in. See which ones you have and then head to the GR/D website ( or eBay to find the missing Issues.
- Finding a specific article pertaining to a certain game is easy. Look up the game in the BGG database and scroll down in the game's description Wiki to find that article you are in need of.
- Maybe you don't own any Issues of TEM at all. You can still find out which Issue(s) you need to obtain to get those variant rules for Fire in the East or Second Front with just a few clicks.
- Looking for missing Issues in your TEM collection? Use the Visual Summaries to see what articles those Issues had as well as what the cover looked like.

How to Navigate the Index
The Visual Guide is a photographic index of the cover of every issue. The Table of Contents lists every Issue in ascending order. You may click on any link to jump to that Issue's guide.

Navigating on the individual Issue pages can be done by clicking on the "Return to The Europa Index" at the bottom of each page, or you may advance through the Index forward and backward 1 issue at a time by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of each Issues page.

2. The Europa Magazine visual guide and index

2.1 Visual Guide: The Europa Magazine 1 to 88

2.2 The Europa Magazine Index

Weblink: The Europa Magazine Index # 1 – 78

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