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The GENERAL Vol.1,No.4

  • NOV-DEC 1964 ( link)
    • Football Strategy – “"BEST FOOTBALL GAME EVER INVENTED"” (Commentary)
    • "The Avalon Hill Phantom Strikes Again..." (Humor)
    • Play-By-Mail League...
    • Californians - Call to Arms
    • The History Book Club
    • Design Your Own Games
    • "ALL Sports Digest" - for the Real Sports Fanatic
    • "Chief of Staff's Reading List"
    • U-Boat – “Naval Affairs” (Variant Discussion) Walter Green
    • "Limited Intelligence Game" (Variant Discussion) Thomas LaFarge
    • Letters, Yes We Get Letters...
    • "The Element of Surprise" (Variant Discussion) Victor Madeja
    • Tactics II – “The Long Romps!” (Strategy) Albert A. Nofi
    • Afrika Korps – “Afrika Korps-Tactics of Isolation” (Strategy) Carl Knabe
    • Football Strategy – “CONTEST NO. 4” (Strategy)
    • Hickok Wins Contest #3
    • Design Questionnaire
    • "Operation Overlord" (Commentary) Daniel Hughes
    • Discount Offer
    • Tactics II – “Meanwhile - - Back at Tactics II” (Variant Discussion) Philip Beasley
    • History Buff Appointed Northwest Editor
    • Word Power – “How to Win at Word Power Without Increasing Your Vocabulary...” (Strategy) Lou Zocchi
    • "Herbert Stern and His Aluminum Foil Combat Results Table" (Design) Herbert Stern
    • Gettysburg – “Arctic” (Discussion) Martin D. Leith
    • The Question Corner - Afrika Korps, Tactics II, U-Boat, Stalingrad, D-Day
    • Tactics II – “Putting More Realism into Tactics II” (Variant Discussion) Jon Perica
    • Opponents Wanted
    • Subscriber Directory

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