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The GENERAL Vol.12,No.3

  • SEP-OCT 1975 (archive.org link)
    • “COVER STORY: Jutland
    • The Avalon Hill Philosophy - Part 51: Origins I report and pictures
    • Jutland – “Probable Possibilities” (Historical, Variant Discussion) Dean Miller
    • Jutland – “A Still Closer Look at Dogger Banks” (Historical, Variant Discussion) Jerold Thomas
    • Jutland – “Derfflinger in the Death Ride” (Historical)
    • PanzerBlitz – “Mathematical LOS Determination” (Variant Discussion) Andrew C Katsampes
    • Design Analysis - Chancellorsville (second edition) Randall C. Reed
    • Series Replay - Waterloo Dave Roberts, Brian Libby, Harley Anton
    • Rise and Decline of the Third Reich – “Without America, Four Variants on a Theme” (Variant Discussion) Steve Newton
    • Letters to the Editor ...
    • Reader Buyer's Guide - Anzio
    • The Question Box - Panzer Leader
    • Infiltrators Report
    • Opponents Wanted
    • Jutland – “Probable Possibilities ship counters” (Insert) Dean Miller
    • Jutland – “British Hit Record Supplement” (Insert) Dean Miller
    • Collectors Market
    • Alexander the Great – “Reader Buyer's Guide Submission Form” (Insert)
    • “Discount Coupon” (Insert)
    • “Opponent Wanted Submission Form” (Insert)
    • The Battle of the Bulge – “CONTEST NO. 68” (Insert)

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