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The GENERAL Vol.19,No.6

  • MAR-APR 1983 ( link)
    • Victory in the Pacific – “Play by Mail with Simultaneous Movement” (Variant/Player Aid) James M. Lutz
    • Series Replay - Victory in the Pacific, David Sinay, Steve Resman, James Lutz
    • Rise and Decline of the Third Reich – “Diplomacy in the Third Reich” (Strategy) Larry Bucher & Steve Simmons
    • Diplomacy – “The Compleat Diplomat, Italy: Thinking Beyond Lepanto” (Strategy) Rod Walker
    • The Avalon Hill Game Co – “A Historian's Guide to Avalon Hill Wargames, One Man's Views” (Commentary) Seth Owens
    • Flat Top – “Flattop Gamemastered” (Variant Discussion) Jim Burnett
    • Bismarck – “Playing Bismarck with Duds, Variant Rules for Realistic Naval Fire” (Variant Discussion) Mark L. Shannon
    • Naval War – “Naval War, A Change of Pace from AH” (Commentary) Terry Dotson
    • Submarine – “Soviet Submarine, Scenarios for the Forgotten Counters” (Scenarios) [designer=2855]
    • Squad Leader Clinic – “Rubble and Roadblocks” (Discussion) John Mishcon
    • Submarine – “Up Scope, Increased Realism in Submarine” (Variant Discussion) Michael Anchors
    • The Question Box - Rise and Decline of the Third Reich Unknown
    • Squad Leader – “Faugh A' Ballagh, Scenario N” (Insert)
    • Contest #112 - Victory in the Pacific

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