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The GENERAL Vol.27,No.6

  • MAR-APR 1991 ( link)
    • Blackbeard – “A Scoundrel's Log” -Helpful Suggestions for Beginners (Strategy) by Cliff Odell
    • Blackbeard – “Odyssey on the High Seas” (Designer Notes) by Richard H. Berg
    • Blackbeard – “A Rogue Tale - The Pirates life for me” (Commentery) by Jim Anderson
    • Speed Circuit – “Sports Special - Alone in the Pits” (Solo Variant) by Brien Martin
    • Gangsters – “Moving up Through the Mob - Player's Notes for GANGSTERS” (Commentery) by Craig Sandercock
    • Merchant of Venus – “Venus Smuggler" - The Black Market in MERCHANT OF VENUS (Variant Discussion) by Wesley Kawato
    • Attack Sub – “Plunging the Depths - The Cards of ATTACK SUB” (Discussion) by Jim Burnett
    • War and Peace – “Napoleon Versus Lloyd's of London - A Varient for War & Peace” (Variant) by Glenn Rahman
    • New World – “New Adventuring - A Varient for NEW WORLD” (Variant) by Jared Scarborough
    • Wrasslin' – “Learing the Ropes - Strategy and Tactics in WRASSLIN” (Strategy) by Bruce Harper
    • Stocks & Bonds – “Finacial Strategy - Player Notes for STOCKS & BONDS (Variant Discussion) Michael Roos
    • Carrier – “The Battle of Rennell Island - A New Scenario for CARRIER (Scenarios) by Alan R Avrold
    • Wooden Ships & Iron Men – “Wooden Ships for One - A Solitaire System for WS&IM ” (Solo Variant) by Mark Hunter
    • The Question Box - Blackbeard
    • Series Replay - Blackbeard Jim Anderson & (Commentator) Don Greenwood

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