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The GENERAL Vol.29,No.6

  • MAR-APR 1993 ( link)
    • RoadKill – “Driver personalities, the great rumble and advanced campaign rules for RoadKill” (Variant Discussion) Robert Waters
    • Guerilla – “One & two player Guerilla” (Variant Discussion) Alan R. Arvold
    • “The American military on the eve of the war” (Historical) Paul L. Penrod
    • Tyranno Ex – “Evolving tactics in Tyranno Ex” (Strategy) Michael Anchors
    • Advanced Squad Leader – “Taking a bite out of a hunk of cheese or how to counter an AFV in motion bypass” (Strategy) Don Clouse
    • “The Rhetoric of Games- As an example to future generations” (Discussion) Lt David Ray Bowman
    • History of the World – “Playing the weak empires- Strategy for History of the World” (Strategy) Wesley Kawato
    • Up Front – “In the mountains” (Variant Discussion) Alan R. Arvold
    • Advanced Squad Leader – “Pavlov's House- ASL Scenario T” (Scenarios)
    • Advanced Squad Leader – “The Kiwis attack- Deluxe ASL scenario B” (Scenarios)
    • Wrasslin' – “Down for the count- Wrasslin' specialty matches” (Insert) Bruce Monnin
    • Attack Sub – “Transient! Transient!- New rules and new scenarios for Attack Sub” (Scenarios) John Kettler and Kevin McCormack
    • Kremlin – “More chaos in the Kremlin” (Variant) Ed Ericson
    • Series Replay - 5th Fleet, Thomas Chick, Alan Teskoskie, Joseph M. Balkoski

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