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The GENERAL Vol.7,No.3

  • SEP-OCT 1970 ( link)
    • “COVER STORY: For the Hard Core Fanatic... PanzerBlitz” (Commentary)
    • The Avalon Hill Philosophy - Part 23: The Matrix test - Kriegspiel
    • Kriegspiel – “Game Theory, Attrition, & the Kriegspiel Battle Tables” (Discussion) T.A. Brown
    • Blitzkrieg – “Minor Country Alliances - A New Look” (Variant Discussion) Henry Gale and Geoff K. Burkman
    • Anzio – “Balogna or Bust” (Strategy) H.C. Robinette
    • Anzio – “Anzio PBM Without Tears” (Variant Discussion) Richard D. Thurston
    • The Battle of the Bulge – “Plan of the Month: Ardennes Breakthrough” (Strategy) Randy Heller
    • Jutland – “Strategic Jutland” (Variant Discussion) David C. Bell
    • D-Day – “TAC Air in D-Day - Part I” (Historical) T/Sgt Robert A. Burge
    • Kriegspiel – “Kriegspiel CRT Revisions” (Variant Discussion) Edi Birsan
    • “The Decisive Arm” (Historical) J.E. Pournelle, Ph.D.
    • The Question Box - The Battle of the Bulge, Blitzkrieg, Football Strategy, Le Mans, 1914, Jutland, Anzio, Afrika Korps, D-Day
    • Stalingrad – “Barbarossa With a Purpose” (Historical) E.D. Henderson
    • Official Avalon Hill Game Clubs...
    • Club Registration
    • Subscriber Discount...
    • Football Strategy – “CONTEST NO. 39” (Strategy)
    • Letters - Yes, We Get Letters
    • The Infiltrator's Report
    • Opponents Wanted

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