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Periodical: Space Gamer

The Space Gamer was a science fiction gaming magazine started in 1975 by Metagaming. It also covered fantasy games, though there was a period of about a year where that got it's own dedicated magazine Fantasy Gamer, which was reincorporated into the parent, re-titled as Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer. As such, it mostly concentrated on role-playing games, which were much more prevalent in SF&F circles, but did cover SF&F board games.

It was quickly successful, growing from a small digest format to a full-sized glossy magazine within three years. It was sold to the new Steve Jackson Games company when Steve Jackson (I) left Metagaming to found his own company. It was at its most popular and most successful during this period. So successful that SJG found it was hard to publish it (and Fire & Movement) and still have energy to produce games. SG was sold to Diverse Talents, Incorporated, who made it a section of their own magazine The VIP of Gaming, before breaking it out into its own title again.

After that, the magazine was sold to numerous other companies, many of whom published only a few issues. The current rights holder does not publish the magazine, but does operate a website for it. The later SJG magazine (originally print, now available by web subscription), Pyramid is effectively the successor to SG.

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