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FAQ for Tiny Epic Galaxies (TEG) and Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies (UTEG)
List of game FAQs

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There's a picture of the planet action FAQ inside the TEG box in the gallery.

Birkomius & Bisschop

Yes, they pay out on Zavodnik follows. You can use them only once per turn, and only on your turn.


You cannot regress off the track. Also, you cannot progress if you did not regress.


You can use it only once per turn and only on your turn.


You can use it only on your turn.


You cannot upgrade if you are tied for lowest in TEG, but you can in UTEG. (Some infrequently asked questions are also addressed in that thread.)


You can use it only on your turn. Beware of the UTEG typo.


This is a normal move action as from a move die. You must move two different ships, though it's unclear whether the first move is allowed to remove your ship from Nagato if you landed there. You cannot swap the two ships; they must move one at a time. You may use Nagato only once per turn, so you cannot create an infinite loop with JAC-110912.

Sargus-36 & Walsfeo

Can you pay yourself to use your own colony? It's undecided.

Tifnod & Vizcarra

You cannot regress off the track. You are restricted to the track type shown (diplomacy or economy).



Q: Do I have to activate all my dice?


Q: Can I move from planet to planet?

Yes, all moves between planets, orbits, and your home galaxy are legal except between surface and orbit of the same planet.

Q: Can I move a ship to my own colony?

No, you can only use the colony action to activate your own colonies.

Q: Do I get energy for ships in my galaxy when collecting culture?


Q: Do I get energy or culture for my colonies?


Q: Do I follow the die or the action?

The die.

Q: Do my followers go before me?

No, though apparently the rules can be misread that way. You complete your entire action, including any colonization and the drawing of a new card, before the other players follow you.

Q: Can I follow more than once per turn?


Q: Do I pay when following an upgrade?


Q: Can I upgrade more than once per turn?

Yes, though only once per die.

Q: Can I use the ship or the die gained from my upgrade on the same turn?

Yes on the ship, no on the die.

Q: Can I use the same colony more than once per turn?

Yes, as long as the colony action doesn't specify it's once per turn.

Q: Can I/must I use the same colony when following a colony action?

No, you follow the die, not the particular action chosen.

Q: What does "regress" mean?

Regress is the opposite of advance.

Q: Which victory points count towards the 21-point end-game trigger?

Upgrades, planets, and (with the S&S expansion) destroyed superweapons, but not secret missions or (with the S&S expansion) unused satellites.

Q: Does a ship I never gained count against the no-ships-in-your-galaxy mission?

No, you still get the bonus points as long as none of your usable ships are in your home galaxy.

Q: Is there a first player advantage or a fifth player disadvantage?

Probably not, possibly even the reverse.

Q: Is the culture engine overpowered or broken?


Solo Play

Q: Does the rogue reroll?

The rules have varied on this point. The original rules did not mention the rogue rerolling. The current (5th) rulebook for TEG says the rogue rerolls every "unusable" die. (See the "unusable" question below.) The rules for UTEG make rerolling an optional variant for increased difficulty.

A popular solo variant is to roll all the dice at once (instead of one at a time), use the usable ones in the fixed order Move/Collect/Advance/Colony, then reroll the remaining dice once.

Q: Does the rogue reroll the bonus dice?


Q: Can the rogue reroll a forced reroll?

That is, if the rogue has not already rerolled the die, and you have paid to make him reroll it, and the new die is not "usable", does he reroll it? Opinions differ.

Q: What counts as an unusable die for the rogue?

Any die that has no effect unless "it is considered usable with zero gain" (of culture or energy). In particular the rogue always uses its colony action, partially if necessary. (See the next question.)

Q: Does the rogue steal a resource it has maxed out?


Q: Can the rogue's special actions happen again during the bonus actions?



Q: Can you add a rogue to a multi-player game?


Q: Can you play with starting planets?

Apparently; it also speeds up the game.

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