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Games for Geekgold (abbreviated G4GG) is a weighted lottery or raffle. Users tip GG on a lottery item, usually a game, that they are interested in. The more GG you tip, the better your odds are that you will win that item. Better odds do not guarantee a win however; Someone who tips just 1 Geekgold still has a chance of winning against someone who tips 100 Geekgold. Losing bidders do not recoup their bids.

Each month a Geeklist of items for raffle is created. A list of G4GG raffles (listed on a month-by-month basis) is found here: Games for Geekgold Subscription list

G4GG Follows The Good Chap's code:

  • We're all good chaps, so behave.
  • We're friendly, honest and err on the side of being good to each other.
  • If we make mistakes we own up, apologize and make good as far as possible.
  • We treat others as we'd want to be treated.
  • We're here to play games and have spiffing fun, this lottery is just another way of extending this fun by getting more excellent games to fabulous people.
  • If you feel wronged or suspicious, please contact Games 4 GeekGold. Usually, one of the Adminions already knows about it and can fill you in on all the details. If not, they will contact the users and mediate the dispute. Please refrain from making public accusations.

Process for Bidding

Games up for bid are listed as individual items in a GeekList. Anyone can bid on a G4GG item by tipping the individual GeekList item. There is no limit to the number of items that you can bid on.

Be sure to read the listing!

  • Not all items are for the game shown.
  • Certain items may have GG caps - each person is only allowed to bid a set amount. These are usually done to ensure every bidder has even odds of winning.
  • You may or may not have to pay for shipping.

How to join the drawing on items (be a tipper!)

1.) Anyone with an account can participate.

2.) If you see an item you like, double-check that the item can be sent to your country and that you accept the shipping costs. If you still like the item, click on the icon next to that entry, and tip it some geekgold. To tip 10, tip 5 twice. To tip more than 10, double check that you really want to tip this item, then click where it says "Other Amount with message". Enter the amount, leave the message area blank, and click "Submit".

3.) Sometimes you'll see an item that you really want which isn't shipped to your location, or which doesn't have free shipping. Bear in mind that postage isn't cheap, and don't ask that the lister pay for it.

Process for Submitting an Item


  • New users must get their listing approved before listing.
  • You cannot make a raffle entry for Geekgold or something completely unrelated to games; although these types of items can be added as bonus or as secondary winners. You can list gift cards as long as they are for a games-related store. A Paypal payment in lieu of an online store is permitted if the winner cannot easily obtain the game from an online store.
  • The drawing must be done in accordance with selection tool listed. As of the February 2013 the official selection tool that must be used for drawing winners is Scraimer's Tool.
  • You may not promote, advertise, or "raise awareness" for an item you published, designed or have any vested interest in, such as through crowdfunding. This includes gift cards for your own store. If you are interested in advertising with the site, please use the appropriate channels and do not attempt to use G4GG.

How to list items on G4GG

1.) If you post an item, you have to give it away. Even if all you got was a single geekgold, you must draw and send out the item.

2.) Post the item you are putting up for bid to the official G4GG list. If you are a new user, you may not put up an item until you clear it first with the Adminion team. Who's a new user? Any user who has the New User banner over their avatar.

User: Games 4 GeekGold

3.) It's not an easy thing, to offer hard-earned geekgold for an item you've never seen. To help the chaps decide, include the following:

  • Description: The thing or edition you are offering and its condition.
  • Shipping: These range from free worldwide shipping to the seller and bidding splitting costs to requiring the winner pay the full postage. You may use any combination you like, just explain it.
  • Draw date: Specify when your item will closed for entries and a winner drawn. This must be by the end of the month.
  • Bonuses: If you wish to award extra entries to users who tip more, specify them. For example: 5gg = 6 entries, 25gg = 32 entries.
  • Always link the entry to the correct item on the database. So if you are auctioning the Legendary edition of Skyrim, do not link to the standard Skyrim edition.
  • You're allowed to specify minimums and maximums "caps" for geekgold tips, as long as they are specified in the description. Tippers who misread the description are entitled to a single refund up to the drawing date. (Tippers, try not to make the same mistake over an over, eh?)

4.) You may not publish "placeholder" listings. There is a perception, regardless if it's accurate or not, that the front/top section of the GeekList is more desirable. Due to this, there is a temptation to publish an incomplete listing in order to lock in placement. Please do not do this as it falls outside of the Good Chap Code. If placement is important to you, get your listing ready to go in advance and paste it into place.

5.) On the day of the draw date, use scraimer’s drawing tool to draw a winner, or multiple winners, if that's what you wrote in the description. Instructions for using the draw tool are here:, feel free to contact the Adminions for assistance in using the draw tool.

6.) Please try not to add substantial new items to a lottery item after a few days of listing without checking with the Adminions first. Some people invest much or all of their limited GG if they perceive they have a reasonable chance of winning. Dilution, while good for you, may be unfair for bidders.

7.) Don't update more than once a day! Preferably not more than once a week. If you edit the item during the month, do so sparingly, AND make it very clear what you changed. Every time you edit it alerts everyone and if you do it frequently the Adminions geekmails.

8.) In case something happens, it is wise for you to hold onto most of your geekgold from tippers in case refunds are needed.

9.) Mutual tipping of items can look unfair, as can giving geekgold to others to bid on your items... be a good chap, we are watching.

10.) If you've geekmailed a winner and gotten no reply within two months, then you may keep the geekgold and the items. To re-iterate: you must have made a best effort to make contact, and the winner must have failed entirely to respond. You may also contact the Adminions if you wish to shorten that time. We will also attempt to contact the winner, and examine what can be done.

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