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Microbadge: GeekModder "Please be aware that GeekMod is an imperfect community operated system, and it is the responsibility of the community to decide what makes it through GeekMod and what doesn't. Admins have little to no control over GeekMod and the content approved/declined by majority vote."

What is GeekMod?

Microbadge: GeekModder GeekMod is a user moderated system where VGGers vote to accept or decline content submitted to the site. The content that is user moderated includes: images, reviews, session reports, representative images and videos. Anyone can participate in GeekMod; Geekmodders also receive a GeekGold reward for participating in GeekMod if their vote matches the ultimate outcome of the voting. GeekMod users also have a say on how much GeekGold reviews and session reports receive, if they are accepted.

How to GeekMod

Approval Process Overview

Microbadge: GeekModder In a nutshell there are four actions that you can take with Geekmod:

  • Vote to Approve - You approve this item for inclusion into the database.
  • Vote to Approve and Recommend - You approve this item for inclusion into the database, and give it a Thumb when it clears GeekMod.
  • Vote to Decline - Reject the item for inclusion.
  • Skip - You skip this item without approving or disapproving.

Before geekmodding, you should familiarize yourself with the guidelines for each type of content. You should even try submitting some content yourself to better understand the process. The guides for each content type are:



  • Image approval/denial is user moderated, freeing up more of the admins time.
  • Reasons can be selected for denial, giving the uploader a sense of what was "wrong" with their photo and how to fix it.
  • The Community has a say as to what makes it into the database.
  • It's something constructive you can do when you're bored, but just want to be on the 'Geek for a bit longer.


  • A correct and appropriate image may get denied by people who know nothing about the game or are unfamiliar with the image guidelines.
  • An incorrect image may get approved by people who know absolutely nothing about the game or are unfamiliar with the image guidelines.
  • A single denial message can have several, wildly different reasons for denial listed - sometimes so different that they make the denial seem unjustified.
  • Since geekmod is one of the easiest ways for new users to accumulate geekgold, some nefarious individuals may submit large quantities of images over and over again to "farm geekgold". Albeit, this is an extremely rare occurrence; most VGGers are honest, well-meaning folk!

Final Notes:

Anything approved through GeekMod stays. Admins cannot overrule the community majority vote, even on things that clearly deviate from the guidelines or are offensive to some individuals.

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