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Following the grand traditions of Geek of the Week and RPG Geek of the Week, the "Video Game Geek of the Week" is here to help us get to know our fellow videogame geeks. Due to the smaller community on VGG, the VGGotW's week lasts longer than a single week: 3 weeks.

What is Geek of the Week?

Microbadge: Video Game Geek of the Week Geek of the Week, abbreviated GotW, is a tradition where one user is showcased within a thread for three weeks and asked questions by our community. The questions range from serious inquiries about gaming experiences to bizarre ones about truth, beauty and bacon. Before their week in the spotlight is up, they must hand over the title to a chosen successor. The purpose of Geek of the Week is to expand our community and get to know them better. It is not an award per se and is intended for anyone, regardless of how much or how little experience they have with the video game hobby.

The Nomination Process

Microbadge: I would kill to be Video Game Geek of the Week There are a few official qualifications for Geek of the Week. The nominee should be someone that the current VGGotW thinks the rest of the Video Game community should get to know better. The reasoning and choice is entirely up to the current VGGotW. However, in an effort to spread the VGGotW honors around please consider the following:

  • The nominee should not be known personally to the current VGGotW.
  • The nominee should be active on VGG to some degree or at least have an interest in video games.
    • This honor is intended for those interested in the hobby. We do not want the VGGotW honor to travel from one non-video gamer to the next anymore.

The current VGG GotW sends a geekmail to the person they was to nominate, asking if they would accept the honor. This should be done early in the week to give everyone time to prepare for the next week. In addition, if a potential nominee declines, this will give the current VGG GotW time to contact another potential nominee.


What Does the Nominated GotW Do to Prepare?

The nominee needs to write a brief introduction of him or herself. The contents and length of this introduction is entirely up to the nominee, but should focus to some extent on their gaming career and interests. Some honorees have written only a brief paragraph, others have written several paragraphs that go into extensive detail.

In addition, the nominee should compose three statements - two of which are truthful, and one a lie. Then, at the end of his or her VGG GotW week, he or she reveals which statement was a lie. When finished, this introduction is sent to the current VGG GotW. Before their week begins, the nominee should also look over their profile information and make sure it's up-to-date - people will look at a GotW's profile.

What is Expected of the GotW During His/Her Week?

The main responsibility of the GotW is to answer questions. Aside from this core responsibility, there are a few other optional expectations:

  • Display the GotW microbadge under their avatar.
  • Decide on a successor, and prepare for introducing him or her the next week.

How Does the GotW Introduce the Next GotW?

After receiving the nominee's personal introduction, the current VGG GotW does the following:

  • Creates a new thread - with the subject: VGG Geek of the Week #: Full Name (username). Make sure the thread has a link back to this wiki.
  • He or she then writes a brief personal introduction of the new VGG GotW, and includes the nominee's introduction in quote format.
  • He or she adds a poll with the three statements the nominee gave - two of which are truthful, and one a lie.
  • It's also expected that the VGG GotW include a number of questions to get the week started.
  • Once the thread has been created, the retiring VGG GotW should send a message to an Admin asking them to pin the new VGG GotW thread.
  • After that, the retired VGG GotW can relax and appreciate his or her participation in a great tradition.

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