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The Question of the Day (QOTD) is a long-standing VGG tradition originally spearheaded by adularia25. Every day a new thread containing a question is posted to the forums and users post their answers. Questions are related to some aspect of the wider gaming experience and the intent is to provoke discussion and the sharing of different stories. All users, no matter how new to the site, are welcome to answer the QotD. This is one of our liveliest discussions as we get to focus on a subject for a day (and the real meaty topics tend to spill over for many days thereafter!).

There is a microbadge for fans of the QOTD: Microbadge: VGG Question of the Day participant

VGG QOTD History

February 2014
adularia25 asks the first QOTD and becomes it's first curator.
February 15, 2017
After three years adularia25 throws in the towel as QOTD .
March 6, 2017
TomTi89 becomes curator of QOTD.

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