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VGG User Guide: Supporting VGG RSS Feed

Why Help?

Providing a great site for the Video Game Geek community unfortunately requires real world expenses for developers, servers, storage, and bandwidth. While advertising revenue covers a portion of this, most is contributed by users like you.

Become A Financial Supporter

To help support the site simply go to the bottom of any page and click on the 'Support VGG' link. By donating real world cash to help maintain the site you will become eligible for certain benefits.


Benefits are small features intended to serve as a thank you to the site's patrons. Users should never feel obligated to become a patron, and the main functionality of the site is free to all users.

For every dollar you give you will receive 1 GeekGold, as well as the following benefits when you donate:

  • At least $15: You will receive a supporter logo for the current year underneath your username.
  • At least $25: You will receive a supporter logo for the current year underneath your username, personal RSS feeds, and you will be given the option to disable advertisements on the site, via Ad Block,.
    • Ad Block, can be purchased with GeekGold at a rate of 1 GG per day or 20 GG per month, see the preferences section of your profile under the My Geek tab.

Year specific microbadges are also given out to show our appreciation to supporters who reach a certain level:

Donation Level
Past Years Microbadges
Copper - $15
Microbadge: 2012 Copper SupporterMicrobadge: 2013 Copper SupporterMicrobadge: 2014 Copper SupporterMicrobadge: 2015 Copper Supporter
Silver - $25
Microbadge: 2012 Silver SupporterMicrobadge: 2013 Silver SupporterMicrobadge: 2014 Silver SupporterMicrobadge: 2015 Silver Supporter
Gold - $40
Microbadge: 2012 Gold SupporterMicrobadge: 2013 Gold SupporterMicrobadge: 2014 Gold SupporterMicrobadge: 2015 Gold Supporter
Platinum - $70
Microbadge: 2012 Platinum SupporterMicrobadge: 2013 Platinum SupporterMicrobadge: 2014 Platinum SupporterMicrobadge: 2015 Platinum Supporter
Herculean - $100
Microbadge: 2012 Herculean SupporterMicrobadge: 2013 Herculean SupporterMicrobadge: 2014 Herculean SupporterMicrobadge: 2015 Herculean Supporter
Ultimate - $200
Microbadge: 2012 Ultimate SupporterMicrobadge: 2013 Ultimate SupporterMicrobadge: 2014 Ultimate SupporterMicrobadge: 2015 Ultimate Supporter

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