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There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer on Video Game Geek.

Contribute Content

Anyone can contribute content and every contribution helps VGG become a more active community and a more exhaustive gaming resource. You could add games to the database, submit images, write reviews and session reports. You could be an active forum participant or design Microbadges.

Projects & community Events

There are often large projects underway, such as the Pillar of the Community, review competitions and yearly events. The organizers of these events welcome any help. Just keep your eye out, and ask!

Temporary VGG News Contributor

We welcome anyone with video game related content to post to the VGG News Blog. Sharing your time at a convention or a developer interview are two user articles we have featured in the past. Contact any of the current VGG Admins and we will set you up with permanent or temporary posting privileges to the VGG News. We will need to see a copy of what you intend to post first.

  • Banners for the "Expected Next Week" and "Geek Weekly News Roundup" are needed.

Become an admin or adminion

Adminion: Someone who helps out at an admin level, but without the full powers and responsibility of an admin.

Whenever additional admins are needed, we generally look at our user base and invite people who seem best qualified to fill the position. Other times we are approached by people willing to volunteer. If you are interested in becoming an admin or adminion, contact any of the current VGG Admins and ask. Most of the time we do not require additional admins, but will keep you in mind if a position ever comes up. There are a few qualities we look for in new admins/adminions:

  • A registered user for at least a year, preferably longer.
  • Potential candidates need to demonstrate self control and an ability to remain calm, composed and polite under all circumstances. Little or no history of warnings, bans or confrontations with users or admins is enough to satisfy this requirement.
  • A regular contributor of content or community activity to the site.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the VGG content and community guidelines.

Note: All VGG admins are volunteers. We do not get paid for the work and time we put into the site. VGG admins moderate the content and forums only; we cannot add new features or alter the sites code in any way.

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