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Official OSG magazine.
From Vol II, nr 11-12 to the newest issue available at

Vol I

Vol II

Nr. 9 (devoted to Four Lost Battles):

  • A Card Assisted Game
  • An Absolutely Believable Narrative
  • Cavalry Charge on the Field of Battle
  • To the Gates of Berlin
  • Chancing the Katzbach
  • Bombardment
  • Set-up Displays for the 4 Battles (color insert)
  • Designer's Notes on Combat
  • Napoleon's Mobile Striking Force
  • Under the Tide: The Germans in 1813
  • A Policy that Began to Seem Incomprehensible
  • Recruitment of the Grande Armée

Nr. 10 (devoted to the 1813 Campaign in Germany):

Board Game: Miscellaneous Game Magazine

  • Napoleon at the Crossroads strategy article by Mark Owens
  • The Sun of Austerlitz strategy article by Martin Fuica
  • 4LB Katzbach PM Scenario
  • 4LB Questions
  • 4LB Retreat Before Combat optional rule
  • NaC Update
  • NaC Counter Design
  • What is Scale-appropriate?
  • Napoleon At Bay Solitaire by Mark Herman

Nr. 11:

  • 1807 - Designing the Campaign in Poland Advances in the Campaigns of Napoleon: designing "The Habit of Victory."
  • Habit of Victory Update
  • Forms of Maneuver from FM 100-5
  • Playtest Report: Strategic Choices by Craig Ambler
  • Making Life Difficult for Napoleon: 3 Habit of Victory AARs by Mark Herman
  • A Friedland Campaign by Joel Toppen
  • Winter in Poland: Half the Grand Campaign by Barrie Pollock

Nr. 12:

  • Intelligent Design and Game Theory
  • Briefing items on Design Theory and Work in Progress
  • Salad Days at SPI by Lenny Glynn
  • Rules Survey for the Campaigns of Napoleon by Dick Vohlers
  • The Role of the Idea in Game Design by Michael Thompson
  • Force Strength at the Battle of Leipzig by Kevin Zucker
  • Afterword: 1809 and 2009 by Kevin Zucker

Vol. III

Nr. 1/2 Double issue
Nr. 1:

  • SPI: Fertile Ground for Future Development by Kevin Zucker
  • What We Learned from Redmond: Wargame Graphics by Zucker and David Demko
  • Design Analysis: Combat in the Library of Napoleonic Battles
  • Tour Report: The German Campaigns, 2011.

Nr. 2:

  • The Information War: Getting the Most from your Cossacks by Christopher Moeller
  • Why I Love OSG's The Coming Storm by Mike Willner
  • Myths of Wargaming by John Theissen
  • Napoleon at the Crossroadds Spring Campaign by John Careklas
  • OSG's Card Assisted Games: To Card or Not to Card
  • Action Report: TLS Wagram by Mike Willner
  • TLNB Advanced Rules by Jason Roach
  • TLNB Updates, Questions & Answers

Nr. 3:

  • Turning that N on its Side by Kevin Zucker
  • A Battlefield of Your Own Choosing by Aaron Tobul and Christopher Moeller
  • The “1R” Result
  • TLNB Rules of Play Update by Dick Vohlers
  • A Fine Balance
  • Bagages Ho! by Chris Moeller, Todd Davis, Joe Perez, Aaron Tobul and Kevin Zucker
  • Vedette Encounters by Kevin Zucker
  • The Operational Art by Kevin Zucker and the staff of OSG
  • The Thin Red Line by Kevin Zucker

Nr. 4:

  • The Player Always Knows by Kevin Zucker
  • The Army of Bohemia at Leipzig by David Jones
  • Japanese Naval Air Forces by Kevin Zucker
  • Zucker at Leipzig by Kevin Zucker
  • Marmont at Mockern by Kevin Zucker
  • Armistice Talks on 17 Oct. 1813
  • Letters from the Vault, 2008
  • Order of Battle Notes by Derek Lang
  • Recovery and Reorganization by Kevin Zucker
  • The Kremlin of Mozhaysk by Paolo Scannapieco
  • FML Baron Schustekh in 1809
  • TLNB Random Events
  • TRC—4 Days of 1809
  • Reorganization Display
  • TLNB Updates by Dick Vohlers

Nr. 5:

  • What is “Tactics”? by Kevin Zucker
  • Amateur Talk About Tactics by Kevin Zucker
  • The New Ways of War by Richard K. Riehn
  • The Closed Watch Case by Kevin Zucker
  • Survey Results
  • TLNB Update
  • The Uncertainty Principle by Tim Carne
  • The Influence of Tactics by Derek Lang
  • History in TLNB, Part I - The Battle of La Rothière by Cezary Domalski
  • Challenges in Wargame Design by John Theissen

Nr. 6. 32 pages
Historiography of Waterloo, Andrew Hobley
Corsican Ogres, John Kisner
NLB Lost & Found, Nicola Contardi
NLB's Design Revolution, John Prados
TLNB Updates
NLG Developer's Notes, Derek Lang
House Rules, Barrie Pollock
The Route to Waterloo Luca Franceschetti
NLG Historical Notes, Kevin Zucker
Historic Smolensk AAR, Kevin Zucker

Nr. 7. 20 pages
A Great Designer Remembered, Kevin Zucker
The Most Ambitious Design Ever, Paul Saarvas
John Young and PRESTAGS, David Bowman
Follow Up, Kevin Zucker, Andreas E. Gebhardt
Wavre - Critical Sideshow, Kevin Zucker
TLNB Update

Nr. 8. 36 pages
2e Regiment de Chasseurs, Kevin Zucker
Deploy Before You Fight, Chris Moeller
The 7th Lancers, Kevin Zucker
The 1815 Order of Appearance, Tim Carne
Work in Progress: Fleurus 1794, Derek Lang
Rules Seminar: Rules to Kill
RULES UPDATES: All 6 TLNB titles and TLNB 6.8
Work in Progress: Napoleon’s Quagmire
Thoughts on the Grand Campaign
Design Files: What is Basis?
Study: Phases in Napoleonic Operations
Design Files: Roadblocks
Research Notes: The Spanish Army of 1809

Nr. 9. 24 pages
We Never Knew His Middle Name, Kevin Zucker
Mentor, Eric Lee Smith
The Simonsen Way, Redmond Simonsen
The Forces at Hal, Tim Carne
Napoleon’s Maxims: Terrain
Design Files: March Rates in TLNB
Design Files: Roadblocks
FM 5-102: Expedient Obstacles
Scenario: Neverovsky at Krasnyi
NLG Grand Campaign, Guy De Frances
OrBat Notes: Spain, David Jones, Derek Lang

Nr. 10. 36 pages
Getting the Most from Artillery, Guy de Frances
Design Files: Victory Conditions
Interview: The Fourth Phase, Chris Basile
Milhaud's Cavalry Division in 1809
June 17th and All That Jazz, Paul Comben
Variant: Leader Losses
The British Way of War, Andrew Hobley
Tactics Cards and their Effects
Design Files: Command
Update: Napoleon's Last Gamble
Alternate Rules: Rest & Refit/La Garde Recule

Nr. 11. 28 pages
Editorial, Napoleon's Military Maxims
Maxims, Thirty-seven Additional Maxims
Design Files, Principles of Design
Brainy Quotes, The Mind of Napoleon
Design Notes, The Three Arms in 1813
Design Notes, Ocaña Scenario Design

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