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Wargames Illustrated is a British wargames magazine

Publication History

Wargames Illustrated was first published in September 1987 and have been published by a number of publishers including Stratagem Publication Ltd and Battlefront Miniatures Ltd.

Selection of Issues

Board Game: Te Riri Pakeha: The White Man's Anger
December 1992

Board Game: Steel Bonnets: Skirmish Rules for 16th Century Border Reivers
March 1994

Board Game: Memphis Belle
June 1994

Board Game: The Thousand Bomber Raid
April 1995

Board Game: Fast Attack: World War II Coastal Warfare Rules
July 1995

Board Game: Medieval Naval Warfare Rules
September 1997

Board Game: Digging Around in the Dirt
Febuary 2001

Board Game: Hour of the Gun: Tombstone, Arizona, 1881-2
July 2002

Board Game: Wittstock 1636
March 2003

Board Game: Greek Fire and Roman Fury
April 2003

Board Game: Miscellaneous Game Magazine
May 2007

Board Game: Flames of War: Tropic Lightning
April 2011

Board Game: Miscellaneous Game Magazine
March 2013

Board Game: Miscellaneous Game Magazine
August 2015

Board Game: Miscellaneous Game Magazine
September 2015


There have been many games published in Wargames Illustrated, see Wargames Illustrated Magazine Games for details.

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