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All images submitted to VGG are peer reviewed in "GeekMod" - a system that lets the community (including you) vote to accept or decline new content. The admins do not handle images.


Most of us have had at least one image rejected. Having any content rejected is discouraging, and not knowing the cause can be very frustrating. The purpose of this guide is to determine the reason behind the rejection of your image(s) and assist in fixing the problem.

Before going any further make sure you have read and understand VGG's Image Policy. If there is any part of the guidelines that requires clarification, feel free to contact a VGG Admin.

Step One: The Decline Notification

When an image is declined you will receive a GeekMail notification with the message title "User Submission Declined". Be sure to read this message! The message body will say: We're sorry that we couldn't use the recent image that you uploaded related to [game title here], and it was removed it from the system. Beneath this will be a list of reasons for the decline from GeekModders along with the percentage of voters who chose to decline it for that reason.

Person: VGGeek (Promotional Images)
Example of the decline message.

What is Wrong
How to Fix
Scan dpi violation
The image too big.
Double check the size restrictions. Maximum scanned image size: 1400 x 1900
Videogame Content Violation
The image violates the Image Policy in some way.
Check the Image Policy or ask in the Image Geekmodders Thread.
The image was found to be distasteful by some individuals.
You may upload it to your personal image gallery. Do not re-submit to GeekMod.
Too Small
The image is too small.
Double check the size restrictions. Minimum scanned image size: 400 x 700
The image was deemed too identical to one that is already in the game's image gallery.
You may upload it to your personal image gallery. Do not re-submit to GeekMod.
Under/Over Exposed
The image is too dark or too light.
A photo may need better or less lighting. Shouldn't apply to screenshots (contrast may be adjusted).
Wrong Item
Uploaded to the wrong game or database item.
Re-upload to the correct database item. Character images for example, are often uploaded to a game instead of a character.
Not connected to the game in anyway.
You may upload it to your personal image gallery. Do not re-submit to GeekMod.
Bad Glare
Photo with glare.
Will likely need to be retaken. Shouldn't apply to screenshots.
No Caption
A caption was not provided or one was provided with little to no context.
Re-submit with a more descriptive caption.
It is either spam or very likely a stolen image, given the watermark.
Do not re-submit to GeekMod. You can learn how to take your own images here.
Image does not display correctly. The system may have suffered a glitch. You may also want to check the image format and then re-submit.
Was uploaded once already.
The image is already in the game gallery. Do not re-submit to GeekMod.
Photo with blurring.
Will likely need to be retaken. Shouldn't apply to screenshots.
Badly Cropped
There is space around the image that needs to get cut out.
A full cover spread may need to be cut into two images - front and back.
Badly Rotated
The image is sideways, upside down, or otherwise crooked.
Needs rotating/re-alignment.
Wrong Gallery
Image is in the wrong category.
Re-upload or request a move to the correct gallery. Screenshots are often erroneously listed as "cover and Media" instead of "screenshot".
Some reason other than the above options.
Check the Image Policy or ask in the Image Geekmodders Thread.

Step Two: Copyright Infringement

There are many good intentioned individuals who try to help out by uploading a nice image to an otherwise blank page. Most of our community members upload images they took or scanned themselves, but sometimes we get images lifted from the web. We appreciate the effort everyone puts into the site, but ask that you respect the legal rights of image copyright holders.

Never submit images you found on the web unless:

  • It is from a press kit.
  • You have received permission from the copyright holder to upload it here.
    • It should be free of watermarks and RP or "Provisional" on the cover

Occasionally you may see images on the site that never should have passed GeekMod. These images give the wrong impression as to what is permitted on the site ny creating a "lead by example" to new users who then assume these types of images are permitted. They are not, but once an image passes GeekMod the admins will not step in unless the legal rights holder of the image complains.

Step Three: Geekmod Is Flawed

It is entirely possible there is nothing wrong with your image. Geekmod isn't a perfect system. An image may be erroneously declined for a number of reasons:

  • Modders were not familiar with the game.
  • Modders did not pay attention to where the image was uploaded.
  • Modders may not understand the image policy or have a different interpretation of it.
  • You may upload as many images as you like to your personal image gallery - "My Geek" tab, Gallery.
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