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Xbox LIVE Arcade (henceforth XBLA) is the Microsoft created system for distributing smaller, less expensive Xbox 360 games - notably arcade classics (like Pac-Man), but also ports from other platforms (Lumines Live!), original programming (Small Arms), and adaptations of classic card and board games (Soltrio Solitaire, Catan, Carcassonne ). Most XBLA games feature a local and networked multi-player element as well as providing worldwide Leaderboards and Matchmaking to find opponents. Using XBLA requires an Xbox 360 game console and registering a 'Gold' or 'Silver' account (aka 'Gamer Tag') to purchase and use the games. A 'Gold' account, with a yearly fee of $59.99 USD (as of November 1, 2010), is required to use the networked multi-player capabilities over the Xbox Live network.

Games are played in real-time and the multi-player board games provide an artificial intelligence for opponents. All board game adaptions are officially licensed and have the original artwork available as an option.

The Games

There are also a number of general games and card games such as Chess, Hearts, Spades, Poker, and Rummy.

Note: Only board games found on BoardGameGeek are listed above.

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