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The Treefrog Line is a series of games from Warfrog.

Each game in The Treefrog Line is signed and numbered by Martin Wallace, in a limited edition of 1500. All the playing pieces in all the games will be wooden. "There will be no cards, counters, or plastic pieces in any Treefrog Line game, (although paper money may appear from time to time)". The first appearance of paper money was in Steel Driver, although it is used solely to record profits rather than as playing tokens.

The Treefrog Line:

2008-2009 series
Board Game: Tinners' Trail

Board Game: After the Flood

Board Game: Steel Driver

Board Game: Waterloo

Number 2001: Tinners' Trail
Number 2002: After the Flood
Number 2003: Steel Driver
Number 2004: Waterloo

2009-2010 series
 Missing Image

Board Game: Last Train to Wensleydale

Board Game: God's Playground

Board Game: Gettysburg

Number 2005: Automobile
Number 2006: Last Train to Wensleydale
Number 2007: God's Playground
Number 2008: Gettysburg

After Gettysburg, Warfrog Games changed their name to Treefrog Games. Age of Industry, which is labeled "Treefrog Games" rather than "Treefrog Line", does not follow the production pattern of the Line games, and it appears that the Treefrog Line has ended.

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