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igGameCenter ( ) is a special on-line game gadget that allows playing abstract board games with other opponents in real-time directly from the site, iGoogle (the Google Personalized Homepage) or Facebook.

The igGameCenter has the following features:

  • All games can be replayed and reviewed during the game.
  • All games are saved for one week (currently), so they can be reviewed even after the game is finished.
  • All games include internal chat for speaking with an opponent or joined guests. The chat has a built-in translator from different languages (using google language tools).
  • Each player has an option to give up, offer/accept draw or claim a loss of an opponent who quit the active game.
  • Official ELO rating system is used for calculation of players score (but games can also be played unranked).
  • igGameCenter has a multilingual support (Most of games are translated to English, Russian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Serbian, Esperanto, Czech, Hebrew and Chinese. Rules of many games are translated to English, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, German, Dutch and Chinese).
  • There is an option to invite friends directly to a started game using a provided link.
  • There is an option to play private games, i.e. the games accessed by players or invited guests only.
  • There is an option to play games with timers.
  • There is an option to revert a game to any position upon mutual agreement of players.
  • There is a bot (called igBot) that knows to play some of the games.
  • All games are developed using pure HTML & Javascript, using AJAX for data transfer between client and server. It means that the games don't require installation of Java or Flash (in contrast to Yahoo! Games for example) and don't have any problems with firewalls.
  • The game gadget can be added to any site (consider and as examples).

The Proposed Games

A geeklist is added for proposing new games to igGameCenter: Proposed games

The Microbadge

BGG users can obtain the following microbadge mb to support the site.

A note to Game Designers

BGG user artyomch (Arty Sandler) is the main igGameCenter developer. He always tries to find a way to contact the authors of games before implementing them on the site. If you find your game listed here and have not heard from Arty Sandler feel free to contact him.

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