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Only 250 copies of the Neuroludic version were printed. The components in the game are language independent, but Neuroludic's rules are only in French. Hurrican Edition was essentially founded to publish a larger distribution of this game. As the new version contains rules in English, French, German, and Dutch, the name was changed to Mr. Jack, a name that works in any of the languages and to avoid confusion with NekoCorp's Whitechapel.

Mr. Jack is exclusively published by Hurrican; all printings of Mr. Jack are from Hurrican and distributed by other companies.

Mr. Jack FAQ


Online Play


1 game board
8 character tokens
6 lit gaslight tiles
2 covered manhole tiles
1 witness/no-witness card
2 police cordon tokens
8 character cards
1 turn-counter token
8 alibi cards
rules (English, French, German, Dutch, Italian)


Microbadge: Mr. Jack fan Purchase here!

You can sleeve the Witness and the Character cards with Mayday sleeves 65mm x 100mm (for 7 Wonders).

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