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Europe Engulfed: WWII European Theatre Block Game: moreinfo [Board Game Link] RSS Feed

  • 283 wooden blocks and stickers
  • 244 full-color counters
  • 2 x 22 x 34" cardboard game maps
  • 24-page Rulebook
  • 24-page Playbook
  • 24 six-sided dice (two sets of 12)
Online Play
  • 2003 Charles S. Roberts award for best WW2 boardgame winner

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Second Edition vs First Edition
You can download the 2nd edition rules and play 2nd edition EE with the 1st edition game.
All of the blocks, block labels, unit counts, and map areas remain the same.
You will simply need some home-made markers for some of the new optional rules.

The second edition is marked 0307-06 on the box side, and has minor updates to the map (all air routes are now explicitly marked), and includes some additional fleet counters & markers, as well as a sturdier box.

The general consensus is that it is not necessary to upgrade to the new edition, other than download the living rules from GMT. Two additional markers used by a new variant for bookkeeping are included in Asia Engulfed.

Additional scenarios
An official one map tournament scenario is available for download from GMT.

The GMT support magazine C3i #16 contains a new 1944 two-map, two player scenario, Ruin of the Reich, by game designer Rick Young. In it the Western allied and Soviet players control, in addition to their own forces, the German units facing their opponent on the east and west map, respectively.

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