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Confront the world of .hack. It will test you, captivate you, and engulf you... but don't let it destroy you. The first set in this revolutionary new Trading Card Game is here. Fast, exciting, tactical, beautiful. .hack is all this and more.

Conceived as a massive multimedia project, the .hack phenomenon includes an anime series, best-selling PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system video game, manga series, and this new trading card game. In recreating the .hack universe for the tabletop gaming community, Decipher introduces an exciting and fast-paced game system, combined with an innovative organized play environment that immerses players in a massive online roleplaying game called The World. Players will try to beat their opponents from the unique perspective of the monsters, attacking their opponent’s characters; only in .hack//ENEMY will players experience the world of .hack from this point of view. Just as in an online roleplaying game, players will collect experience points to “level up” their abilities and gameplay through the game’s unique tournament system.

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