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Autobridge [Board Game Link]

Autobridge is a bridge teaching and solitaire playing device and series of play sheets dating back to at least 1938 (according to Encarta). At least two major versions have been produced. A large sized version about 18x11 inches and smaller version about 8x6 inches. While the specific materials and details of design have varied over the years, the fundamental design has remained. It is a board which may be opened to insert a sheet with cards indices and suits printed on it. The covering board is closed and the hand is played by opening windows. The player decides on their own play and reveals the next window to see what the expert recommends. An accompanying booklet explains the expert's recommendation.

The system can be used to teach the completely naive novice to highly advanced players. Many supplementary sheets were produced over the decades.

Mainly a teaching aide, there is no scoring, per se.

Experts who have contributed to the Autobridge system include: Ely and Josephine Culbertson, Charles Goren, Alfred Sheinwold, Alan Truscott, Barry Rigal, Albert Morehead, and Richard Frey.

Most versions found in online auctions appear to date from the 1950s.

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