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Many a game entry here at BGG contain contain translations of the rules from its published language into another language in the Files section of that game entry. As BGG is an international community, if the game entry you are looking at does not have a translation, you may be able to locate another user who can translate the rules for you. To aid in this, a series of microbadges has been created which users can use to identify the fact that they speak a second language. Here is sampling:

mb Arabic
mb Bulgarian
mb Cantonese
mb Catalan
mb Czech
mb Danish
mb Dutch
mb Finnish
mb French
mb German
mb Greek
mb Hebrew
mb Hungarian
mb Italian
mb Japanese
mb Korean
mb Mandarin
mb Norwegian
mb Polish
mb Portuguese
mb Romanian
mb Russian
mb Serbo-Croatian
mb Slovak
mb Slovenian
mb Spanish
mb Swedish
mb Turkish
mb Ukranian

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